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91+ Adorable Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas 2018

You cannot welcome Christmas and enjoy celebrating it without decorating your home. By saying you need to decorate your home for Christmas, we do not mean just decorating different rooms inside your home. In addition to decorating your living room, dinner table, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces at your home, you also need to decorate the large area outside your home. Outdoor Christmas decoration is not less important than indoor Christmas decoration as you cannot leave your front yard and porch without being decorated for Christmas. But the problem is what to do and how to start for decorating your front yard. To help you easily start decorating your home without wasting a long time or exerting a huge effort, we present to you the following fabulous outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that you will surely like.

In order to bring the holiday spirit to your home and create a festive atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your time while celebrating Christmas with family and friends, you need to decorate every space at your home. Through using Christmas ornaments and other decorative items that are usually used for indoor and outdoor Christmas decoration, you can change the look of your home and prepare it for Christmas. But what about the ideas that can help you decorate your home for Christmas? In order to decorate your home for any purpose, you need a few ideas that can help you get inspired and start your task.

To start decorating your front yard, garden, or porch, you need to use lanterns, Christmas trees especially those small ones, old windows, rustic ladders, wooden photo frames, logs, inflatables, wire figures using chicken wire, floral arrangements, holiday door mats, rope lights, string lights, snowflake lights, Christmas motifs, sleighs, Christmas topiaries, LED lighted deer, Santa Claus, snowman, and gift boxes with clear lights. You can also use garlands, wreaths, flags, light show Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees, bows, ribbons, greenery, planters, spiral trees, angels, penguins, beer bottle lights, ice candle holders, pathway markers, laser Christmas lights, and Christmas light balls.

In fact, there are too many Christmas ornaments and decorative items you can use for decorating your front yard and porch. Most of those ornaments and decorative items tend to be large in size to cover a large area and to be clear for your guests to see when they come to celebrate Christmas with you at your home. The problem is that you may find yourself confused when you start purchasing Christmas ornaments for decorating your home. Those decorative items that are especially created for outdoor Christmas decoration are expensive and may discourage you from decorating your front yard and porch.

In order to save money, you can simply create those Christmas ornaments on your own. You may think that it is difficult and will take a long time to finally make the Christmas ornaments you need for decorating your home, but don’t worry. There are many Christmas ornaments you can easily make without wasting a long time or exerting a huge effort. All what you need is to find a few ideas that can help you get inspired and we present to you what you need. With the help of simple materials you already have at your home, you can start your task and enjoy decorating your home.

Let’s start with decorating your front door and porch. In order to decorate your front door, you need to use garlands, wreaths, pine cones, Christmas signs, Christmas balls, ribbons, bows, flowers, candy canes, and lights. You do not need to use all of this. Just one decorative item paired with lights for a glowing look is more than enough for decorating your front door. Wreaths are available in various designs and used in different numbers as well. You can use just one wreath for decorating your front door, monogram wreath with the first letter of your family name, or several wreaths to get the catchy look you want for your front door.

Make your Christmas wreaths on your own through using Christmas ornaments, candy canes, fabrics like tulle and burlap, pine cones, berries, or simply crayons for a playful look. You can also use a large candy cane decorated with flowers and bows instead of using wreaths. In addition, you will need to use garlands to outline your front door. Pairing garlands with string lights, Christmas balls, bows, and ribbons can help you frame your front door in a fascinating way. Hanging a basket filled with flowers, pine cones, or Christmas ornaments is also another great and non-traditional idea for decorating your front door for Christmas.

After finishing decorating your front door, you need to move to the porch. There are countless decorating ideas that are presented for preparing porches for Christmas. Through using small Christmas trees, lanterns, planters, and lights, you can completely change the look of your porch to be more than stunning. Those Christmas trees that are used for decorating porches are small and placed on both sides of your front door. Moreover, hanging pots, lights, and lanterns can help you make your porch catchier. To decorate columns, wrap garlands and string lights around them.

What about your front yard? It is a large area that requires exerting more effort. What are you going to do to decorate this large space? To easily decorate your front yard, you need to simply use those large decorative items and Christmas ornaments like large Christmas balls, catchy topiaries, Christmas motifs, inflatables, wire figures, large Christmas light balls, gift boxes, and flags. There are also light show Christmas trees that are made through using lights only, bows, ice candle holders, laser Christmas lights that can cover a large area without any effort, and pathway markers that are essential for guiding your guests to your front door.

To decorate your front yard through using Christmas trees, try to opt for those Christmas tree alternatives to save money. You have those light show Christmas trees that you can make through using string lights and Christmas trees from plywood sheets as well. To make snowmen on your own, try using old tires for a non-traditional decoration for your front yard. Ice candle holders and wreaths are also perfect for outdoor Christmas decoration as it is very cold outside your home and the shape of your ice decorative items will not change. With the help of the stunning decoration ideas presented here by Pouted Online Magazine, you will not find it difficult to decorate the exterior of your home.