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9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products!

First appeared in 1974 as a feline on a Back to School Nails for Kids, Hello Kitty has marked itself as a face for kids’ toys and feminine products. Finding Hello Kitty merchandises and products are not that hard when you have a store as Sanrio where 22,000 hello kitty-themed devices, toys and commodities exist. In case you are a fan of this cute mouthless feline, and of course you are because who does not like it, You will find the most bizarre hello kitty-themed stuff listed here with their descriptions.

9  Hello Kitty hookah 

Who would believe that such a cute, innocent icon would be used in merchandising hookahs and pipes? Yeah, it happened. Just imagine some hipster out there, surrounded by smoke while holding a Hello Kitty shisha [hookah]. Who said you cannot keep it cute while smoking?! It is a pink glass bong or a hookah with three hello kitty icons, a big icon at the bottom, with pink weed leaves printed on it.

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Kitty pipe 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 3

kitty pipe2 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 4

8  Hello Kitty pet coffin 

Brace yourselves because it is getting more wired! Hello Kitty pet coffin is official and on the markets! Nothing but a loyal fan base will create such a product! And the connection is obvious; Kitty and pets are incredibly sweet.

hello kitty coffin 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 5

7  Hello Kitty Hospital 

Of course, it is impossible to add the hospital to your collection if you are a true fan of this cute kitten. However, nothing will hinder you if you go to Taiwan, where the hospital lies, for treatment or visits. The atmosphere, at hospitals, ought to be relaxing and refreshing to shout out to the one who came up with such an idea.

Hello Kitty Hospital 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 6

Best Hello Kitty Room Decor 2014 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 7

hk2 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 8

6  Hello Kitty slow cooker 

Baby girls may mistake it for a hello kitty toy. However, this cooker is not a toy, actually it is a real cooker in which you can cook real food. Yeah, most kitchens have cookers made of silver iron and aluminium, but hey, let’s give a chance to the new illuminating designs.

Hello Kitty Slow Cooker Pink APP 41209 1024x903 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 9

5  Hello Kitty toaster 

Not only does the white toaster, with the cutie kitten printed on it, grabs the attention for the outer design, but it also produces toast with a hello kitty on it since there is a mold of the kitten inside the toaster. I would wake up early every day and have my breakfast with kitty toasts to regain my appetite, even though I am not a morning person.

hello kitty toaster 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 10

4  Hello Kitty microwave 

Along with the pink hello kitty cooker and toaster, there is the hello kitty microwave. Maybe they can be both in the same kitchen. Imagine a hello-kitty-themed kitchen and how cute it would be! Anyways, companies later may produce and propagate more cartoon-themed electric devices.

hello kitty room hello kitty microwave oven 1f2a734d2368c5bd 1 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 11

Hello Kitty coffee maker toaster and oven 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 12
Hello Kitty coffee maker, toaster and oven

3  hello kitty contact lenses 

Okay, eye contacts have taken a whole new level drifted away from colors. A girl can go for different colors, wearing green, grey, blue, hazel or grey eye contacts that may boost her eyes’ charm. However, what is interesting that the hello kitty does not feature a color but a shape, instead. If you are looking for a natural look do not opt for them. Anyways, if you desire to look cool and funky, then the hello kitty eye contacts are the best for you.

hello kitty eye contacts 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 13

hello kitty eye contacts3 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 14


2  Hello Kitty retainer 

Aren’t retainers and braces boring enough, especially if they are silver colored? Even if you are a huge fan of silver, you probably wish if your retainers would look cooler and more stylish! Hello Kitty retainer has rendered their wearers a dandy look. Apparently, hello kitty retainer broke the stereotypical frames that have been shown in teen movies in which braces wearer have been depicted as nerds!

Braces Design 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 15

ClioMakeUp Trend di Bellezza Strani 15 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 16

Hello Kitty retainer 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 17

1  Tongue tattoo 

Here we go again where Hello Kitty products break stereotypical images, with its freaking funky and unusual merchandises. Tattoos are not bound with the fierce look, of the motorcycle guys who drink beer and swear like sailors, propagated by the media. On the contrary, you are the one to control your image even if you are tattooed since hello kitty tongue tattoo have invaded girls’ world and hello kitty fan base.

awesome hello kitty tongue tattoo 2 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 18

hello kitty tongue tattoo 2 9 Unusual «Hello Kitty» Products! - 19

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