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9 Tips to Help You Find a VPS Hosting Company

1.) Don’t get attracted by fanciful offers (too cheap) because they could promise you a 4 GB RAM server while giving you only 1 GB.

2.) It is preferred that you deal with an official company with more than three persons on staff if you want to get good and speedy service and support. You could deal with a company that is verified by more than one institution.

3.) Make sure that the company has a complete real server (Node) that is used to distribute the VPS services. If you want to know the kind of the server click here and write in tools the IP of the company’s server or that of yours. It will give you the name of the main node (node.xxxxx.com). The name of the company owning the main server will appear in the place of these XS. You will be able to know what kind of company it is and what kind of servers it offers.

4.) Before applying for the service you should know the datacenter of the server to avoid any unknown datacenters. You will find words like “Our American Datacenter” or “Our German Datacenter”. I think you should choose a company that deals in Soft Layer or Signal Hope servers. Their service is good I guarantee.

5.) You should ask the company about the qualifications of the main server and the number of VPS’s. A good number would range from 6 to 9 with a good 8 processor.

6.) Do not deal with foreign companies in VPS services.

7.) You should read the illustrations presented by our institute in how to deal with your server and solve any problems all by yourself.

8.) It is very important to license your C-Panel for better service when purchasing a server.

9.) Check your server and your load status regularly to evaluate it.


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