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9 Best Hard Drive Recovery Services in the USA

There are a lot of frustrating things that could happen to all of us in life. These things differ from one person to another, depending on a lot of different stuff. But there are still some things that we would all agree on, especially if something that belongs to you is involved in the frustration process. We are all together on the same page in case our laptops happen to refuse to boot; we will, without a doubt, be very frustrated and worried that our important files might get erased with no chance to retrieve them. The reasons for laptops boot up problems are as many as you could imagine, but figuring out what exactly is wrong with your laptop might not be that easy. You might try looking up a lot of different solutions on the internet to try to save whatever you can, but things do not always work the way we would like them to, so in this case, you should consider taking your laptop to the nearest hard drive recovery services and they will definitely be able to help you.

Whether they will be able to recover your data or not depends on knowing the exact reason of the boot up failure, but still, they will be able to help you have your laptop working for once more. In this article, you will be introduced to the best hard drive recovery services in the United States.

9 Salvage Data Recovery

The name itself is very motivational to choose among all the other services because you need to salvage all the data that you can. Salvage Data Recovery has been evaluated as one of the best services provided for its customers. All the staff that works there is deemed to be some of the best technicians in the country; they are quite professional and they know their job best. The only disadvantage that the customers have stated is that the time they take to improve your laptop’s condition might take a bit longer than you may expect, but you will get amazing results and your files will be saved and recovered in no time. Besides, their services have earned a certification by a third party.

8 Drive Savers

Drive Savers is one more hard drive recovery service that has been rated as one of the best services ever. Drive Savers has been around since 1981. They provide effective solutions for whatever technical failure your laptop is going through. Their services were also used by celebrities, making them more credible and trustworthy. Drive Savers have been certified by a third party, besides, those reasons, previously stated, made Drive Savers qualified enough to be rated as one of the best services for recovering your hard drive.

7 We Recover Data

Well, We Recover Data might not have been certified by a third party, but they are known to have excelling equipment and utilities that enable them to provide a plenty of services for recovering the hard drive of your device. They are also one of the customers oriented services; if they happen to not be able to fix your device’s technical issue or could not be able to salvage your important documents, you will not have to pay anything.

6 Gillware

Gillware is one of the best companies that offer an outstanding service for retrieving the important files of yours. What makes Gillware an outstanding company, is how hard they work to make a distinction between their service and all the others that are available on the market. Besides, all the procedures that are used by this company have been certified by a third party and earned the license of being one of the most effective data recovery methods.

5 The Data Rescue Center

The Data Rescue Center was founded in 2009. It first started as a partition of Prosoft Engineering Inc., but later, it has rapidly become one of the most prevailing services that offer remarkable facilities for data recovery. The Data Rescue Center has swiftly become popular in the industry of technology and they are also capable of using the best strategies for retaining your lost data and secure it as well.

4 Data Tech Labs

Data Tech Labs is a company that provides services regarding the recovery of the hard drive. They are capable of restoring your data on a widespread range of all types of media. Data Tech Labs might not have a DIY recovery software for rational recoveries, but it is up to provide a remote assistance, and that would certainly work perfectly for anyone who wants to save both time and money; you can get your data recovered while you are being at the comfort of your own home. Data Tech Labs is not only a hard drive recovery company, but it also offers a logical recovery for hard drives that are still working by figuring out data loss issues that have taken place due to viruses, unintentional erasures as well as reformatting. This company has proven to be one of the most qualified companies in the industry of hard drive recovery, making its way on the list of the best hard drive recovery services around the United States; they have proven to have the skills and the required experience to salvage the data from any device you have.

3 Flashback Data

Flashback Data is another hard drive recovery service that managed to become one of the best services around America. They are specialized in physical data recovery as well as forensic recovery. The customer service was proven to be held by a bunch of professionals. Although it is common for all the companies that are specialized in the hard drive recovery industry to have their clean room certified by a third party, Flashback Data is not actually fully certified, but it still provides some of the most steady customer services. The security audit that Flashback Data has is unfortunately only valid to the forensic recoveries.

2 Seagate Data Recovery

The Seagate Data Recovery Services is capable of providing you with the best opportunities ever to recover your hard drive if you have purchased the hard drive from there. The only downside that people keep complaining about is the poor customer service where the clients do not usually get a response regarding their inquiries.
You might see the name of SEA GATE on the hard drive that is located on your computer; you might have actually seen that out of curiosity, for it is the second largest hard drive company, so most of the devices’ hard drives out there are made by this prominent company.

1 Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack has been around since the mid 80’s and it has made itself one of the most prominent in the field of professional hard drive recovery services. Kroll is deemed to be a recognized participant in hard drive recovery and it was capable of keeping itself on the top of the list of the industry of PC data recovery. On the other hand, the Ontrack hard disk data recovery service possesses four labs around the United States and any device that you send to this company is shipped free via UPS.

Although having your data and most important documents get lost is a frustrating incident, you do not have to worry anymore because you easily get all your required files recovered if you just decided to get the business done at one of these noticeable companies.