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89+ Glitter Nail Art Designs for Shiny & Sparkly Nails

Do you find your nails boring? Do you want to easily and quickly add a shiny and fascinating look to your nails without wasting a long time on painting pictures or any other nail art ideas on your nails? What do you think of using glitter? Glitter is loved by almost all girls and many women. It is believed to be perfect for different occasions especially those important ones like weddings, engagement parties, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more special occasions we celebrate every year. The main secret behind adoring glitter is its unique ability to quickly add a sparkling and shiny look to fingernails even when it is used alone without any other nail polish color to be paired with. Here are amazing glitter nail art designs to make your nails easily sparkle whenever you want.

Because glitter is used by many women and girls, it is created in a wide variety of colors and can be also applied in different easy ways to meet various needs and tastes. For colors, you can find that silver glitter, gold glitter, and gold sequins are the most popular since they can be paired with different nail polish colors without any problems to increase the beauty of your nails. There are other fascinating colors you can find such as blue glitter, turquoise glitter, purple glitter, multi color or colorful glitter, black glitter, white glitter, red glitter, pink glitter, metallic glitter, and other colors from which you can select what matches the nail polish color you wear.

What about applying glitter? As previously mentioned, glitter can be applied in various ways to get the catchy look you need for your fingernails and hands and to create the glitter nail art designs you like. You can create glitter stripes through using striping tape, geometric patterns for a catchier and modern look, glitter ombré nails by mixing several colors with each other, animal print glitter nail art design, polka dot glitter nail art design, glitter chevron nail art design, and other glitter nail art ideas that you can make on your own without the need to waste a long time or exert any effort.

Glitter is the simplest thing you can use to easily and quickly decorate your nails and give them a shiny look. You can use glitter for painting all your fingernails or just one nail as an accent nail if you do not like to make all your nails sparkle. Instead of applying glitter on all your fingernails, you can cover just parts of them for a catchier and more impressive look. You can apply glitter nail polish over the bottom of your fingernails to get half moon glitter nails or over the tips of your nails to create glitter French manicure but in a modern way.

Adding glitter to your fingernails is perfect for different seasons and occasions as well. It is also great for all women regardless of the length or shape of their fingernails. You can apply glitter on all nail shapes such as coffin nails, almond nails, square nails, round nails, long nails, and also short nails. Glitter is not the only thing you can use for decorating your nails and making them more gorgeous. In addition to glitter, there are other decorative items you can select like charms, accents, pearls, crystals, rhinestones, and more tiny items you can use for making your nails more impressive.

Using glitter is one of the best ideas you can opt for to make your boring nails more stunning. Therefore, if you think that matte nails, nude nails, or neutral nails are boring, then you have to try adding glitter. Glitter has the ability to make those boring nails become completely different to attract more attention to your hands at any place to which you go. If you are very lazy or busy and do not have any time to waste on changing the look of your nails, then you will need to use glitter stickers. They can be easily used and removed without the need to exert any effort.

You can add glitter in two different ways. Start with applying glitter and then start creating the nail art ideas you like or finish with adding glitter over your nails. Select any nail polish color you like to use as a base coat and then add glitter for a sparkling look. If you are going to apply glitter as the last step on all your nails, you will need to use clear glitter nail polish. You also have to bear in mind that the color of the glitter you select for decorating your nails should match the nail polish color you apply on your nails in order to get the catchy look you want for your nails and hands.

Most of the colors that are selected for cold seasons tend to be dark and those light colors including pastels, pink, baby blue, and other light colors usually appear in the hot seasons especially spring. You can do the same when you select glitter and nail polish colors. But if you want to wear light nail polish colors in the cold seasons, then you are completely free to do what you want and like for getting catchier nails. Even those nail artists and famous fashion designers come this year to break the rules and present light colors for the cold seasons.

All the amazing and fascinating glitter nail art designs presented here by Pouted can help you easily and quickly change the look of your nails. You do not need to waste a long time or exert a huge effort to get catchy and shiny nails. By simply adding glitter, you will be able to make your nails sparkle and attract more attention. You do not even need to go to nail salons, because the glitter nail art designs you see here are really easy and can be quickly created. You can make use of these ideas to get inspired and create your fascinating glitter nail art designs on your own.