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86+ Funny & Scary Halloween Costumes for Teenagers 2018

Halloween is usually celebrated in a number of countries on 31 October. It is also referred to as Allhalloween, All Saints’ Eve, and All Hallows’ Eve. In the past, it was believed that dead people come out from their graves at the night of 31st October. In the Christian year or liturgical year, this time is also dedicated to remembering those dead saints or hallows, martyrs, and all the faithful departed. Because Halloween was associated with dead people in many countries, it is now celebrated by many people through wearing different scary costumes to look like ghosts, witches, dead people, and other ideas that help people enjoy celebrating Halloween with family and friends. If you are looking for creative Halloween costume ideas to enjoy celebrating this day in a new way, you have to take a look at the fascinating Halloween costumes for teenagers presented here by Pouted online fashion magazine.

image credit: Women Gothic Fairy Costume

Halloween is celebrated in various ways as there are several Halloween activities that you can enjoy on that day. Carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, playing games like apple bobbing, playing pranks, lighting bonfires, watching horror movies, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, and attending Halloween costume parties are among the most interesting activities you can enjoy on Halloween. To attend a Halloween costume party, you need to select a catchy Halloween costume to wear and dazzle your friends.

As previously mentioned, Halloween was associated with the appearance of dead people from their graves. The souls of dead people and supernatural beings were also believed to roam the earth during that time of the year. For this reason, most of the Halloween costumes are scary. They are especially designed to allow those who wear them to frighten other people on that day. Headless boy costume, evil Queen of Hearts costume, zombie school girl costume, ghost costume, teen heavenly devil costume, and teen witch costume are among the scariest Halloween costumes that are especially designed for teens.

There are also teen Gothic Temptress costumes, teen girls skeleton costume, living dead costume, scary broken doll costume, teen Miss Scissor hands costume, teen devil costume, chucky teen costume, midnight huntress costume, voodoo doll costume, midnight vampire costume, devil costume, zombie prom queen costume, zombie baseball player costume, beetlejuice costume, scary doctor costume, zombie surgeon costume, mummy costume, skeleton costume, and corpse bride costume. All of these scary Halloween costumes are created for teens to help them celebrate that day while wearing what they like.

What about the funny Halloween costumes? Most of the Halloween costumes are designed to look scary, but this does not mean that all of them are the same. There are funny Halloween costumes that are especially created for those who do not want to wear something scary on that day. They are catchy and not less impressive than those scary Halloween costumes. Designing funny Halloween costumes is based on or inspired by those characters that are very popular and usually appear in movies, or mentioned in history, legends or literature.

Dorothy dress costume, Robin Hood costume, penguin costume, TKO costume, mad hatter costume, gumball machine costume, teen guilty prisoner costume, teen Snow White costume, Werewolf teen girl costume, wonder woman teen Halloween costume, Super girl dress costume, flag dress, referee costume, Assassin’s Creed Edward Classic Men’s costume, Teen Girls Elmo costume, Teen Pirate Babe costume, Indian teen costume, Teen Goddess costume, fallen angel costume, and Disney Princess Jasmine costume are amazing Halloween costumes for teens. They are funny and not scary like other Halloween costumes.

In addition, you can also wear the legend of Zelda costume, mermaid costume, army girl costume, Harry Potter costume, SpongeBob Square Pants costume, jungle cat costume, Alice wonderland costume, Harley Quinn costume, pizza delivery boy costume, the Flintstones Bam-Bam costume, Homer Simpson costume, striped overalls clown costume, hotdog teen costume, ninja costume, Egyptian princess costume, mm Halloween costume, butterfly costume, baby costume, reindeer costume, pirates of the Caribbean captain Jack Sparrow costume, maleficent costume, and Mario costume.

Dora the explorer costume, mime costume, Harley Quinn and the Joker costume, Medusa Halloween costume, cotton candy costume, and Pokémon Halloween costume are other Halloween costume ideas you can try as a teenager. Wearing these costumes is not limited to a specific gender or age. You can wear any Halloween costume you like. Some of these Halloween costumes were worn by celebrities. So, if you are one of those fans who like imitating the celebrities they love, you can wear exactly the same like the celebrity whom you love on Halloween.

Wearing Halloween costumes was limited to young people especially children. But now, it is completely different. Halloween costumes are currently worn by almost all people of different ages, even adults. There are Halloween costumes that are particularly designed for couples to help them celebrate Halloween together in a unique way. You can also find Halloween costumes for best friends. All of these Halloween costume ideas can help you find what suits you and your friends as well to enjoy your time together and share the happiest moments.

Lovely Disney Princess Jasmine costume

If you do not want to purchase any costumes to celebrate Halloween, then there is no problem. In fact, you do not have to purchase Halloween costumes. This is because you can make them on your. Making Halloween costumes is easy and does not require exerting a huge effort. Even the materials and fabrics that are essential for making those costumes are cheap and you will not need to spend a lot of money. To save money, try to create your Halloween costume on your own. By using different pieces of clothing that you already have, you can successfully create your Halloween costume.

High school nerd girl costume for teens
Mermaid Halloween costume for teenage girls
Catchy ninja Halloween costume for teens
Pirates of the Caribbean captain Jack Sparrow Halloween costume
Scary witch Halloween costume
Jack Skellington Halloween costume
Zombie prisoner Halloween costume for teens
Scary corpse bride costume for teens
Cute Halloween costume for couples and best friends
Gothic fairy Halloween costume
Simple and nice Halloween costume for teens
Scary skeleton Halloween costume for teens
Cat Halloween costume for teens
Cop Halloween costume for teenage girls
Army girl costume for teenage girls

To create Halloween costumes, you first need a few Halloween costume ideas that can help you get inspired. The easiest Halloween costumes you can create are those scary ones. This is because you can bring any piece of clothing and cut holes in it or add the red color randomly to look like blood and make you scary. The accessories and make-up you wear also play a major role in changing your look and making you scary. Instead of putting on make-up, try to wear a mask that does not require exerting any effort.

Lovely Halloween costume for teens
Chucky the killer doll costume for teens
Mime costume for teens
Bam bam from Flintstones Halloween costume
Striped overalls clown costume for teenagers
Assassin’s creed Edward costume
Funny Halloween costume for teens
Death rocker Halloween costume
Lovely Halloween costume for teenagers
Scary evil queen of hearts costume for teens
Stunning skeleton Halloween costume for teens
Zombie surgeon Halloween costume
Scary voodoo doll costume for teens
Scary Halloween costume for teenage girls
Scary Halloween costumes for teens