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83 Creative & Smart Space-Saving Furniture Design Ideas in 2018

Want to change the decoration of your home but do not have enough space to freely do what you like? There are several problems that we usually face when we decide to update different rooms at our homes. Changing the decoration of different rooms requires exerting a huge effort, spending a lot of money and wasting a long time. You also need to have free space to be able to do what you want. Those people who have small homes are not lucky since they do not have the ability to easily change home decoration or add extra pieces of furniture. With the numerous space-saving furniture design ideas that are presented by different creative designers, you can freely and easily change the decoration of several rooms at your home.

In fact, space-saving furniture is presented as a hot decoration trend for the next year. But it should not be considered as a new trend because it is something that we all need at our homes. Homeowners who have small homes already use those space-saving pieces of furniture. Space-saving furniture is not only presented for small homes. It is also perfect for those who have large homes and need to add more furniture pieces to update their homes and change the decoration of different rooms. Using space-saving furniture also helps in adding a futuristic or modern look to different rooms at your home.

Whether you want to change the decoration of your bedroom, dining room, living room or even bathroom, you can find what you are looking for with the space-saving furniture. Such creative pieces of furniture do not consume a large space at your home. Some of them can be used for different purposes. The best thing about space-saving furniture pieces is that they look modern and can be used to change the traditional look of your home.


There are space-saving furniture pieces that you can fold after being used to save more space at your room. In addition to those pieces of furniture, there are space-saving rooms. Entire rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices and bedrooms can be folded up to disappear when they are not needed at your home. This means that by having these creative and smart pieces of furniture or rooms, you will be able to change the decoration of your home whenever you want.

Examples of space-saving furniture include pop-up tables, books that can be turned into chairs or stools, foldable TV sets, corner bookshelves, foldable beds, pull out kitchen cabinets, ceiling beds, foldable dining tables, ceiling shelves, wall beds, reading corners, kitchen hoods that completely disappear when they are not used, foldable chairs, foldable kitchens and bathrooms in addition to other creative ideas that save more space at your home.

What about the multifunctional pieces of furniture? Multifunctional furniture is also believed to be space-saving since you can use the same pieces of furniture for more than one purpose. With multifunctional furniture, you do not need to use too many pieces of furniture at your home. There are too many creative multifunctional furniture pieces. You can find chairs and sofas that can be turned into beds, desks that can also be used as blackboards, bookshelves that work as floor lamps, beds that can be transformed into desks, and tables that can be converted into photo frames. There are also ladders that can be also used as shelves, chairs that work as bookshelves, chairs that can be used for storing different items, sofas that are turned into dining sets, chairs and mirrors that can be transformed into iron tables, coffee tables that can be used as dining tables and more.