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Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

Cold season once again knocks the doors. The alteration of seasons continues to teach us to embrace change as a rule of life. While you are getting the heavy clothes out of the closets and shopping for some new pieces, you may recall that this act of adaptation is what protected the human race from extinction across hundreds of thousands of years. However, it is significant to know that modern technology has made the process unbelievably easier than it was in the distant past.

Today, all you need to do to secure yourself something heavy to wear is to head to the ready-to-wear clothing stores and select what you need from a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and materials. The easiness that the tools and technology brought has allowed the human being to pass the mere need for the thing to find out the aesthetic values that this thing could convey. In this article, we present you with beautiful as well as convenient trends and ways to wear headscarves in fall-winter.

Scarf trends for fall-winter this year:

Forming a combination of elegance and practicality, oversized scarves continue as a vital winter accessory trend. On the one hand, they cover your neck or head, guaranteeing warmth on the cold days; on the other, you could always renew your look by merely tying them differently. Besides, they are available in various bright as well as neutral colors. For printed scarves, plaids and floral patterns keep trending this season too.

winter-scarf-for-men Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

oversized-winter-scarf-for-men-675x450 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-Buffalo_check_hat_mittens-and-scarf-675x450 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-fashion-2019-675x1014 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-winter-2018-2019-fashion Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

How to wear headscarves in winter?

1 Taking the scarf around

Wearing the scarf, by taking it around the neck, guarantees you such an elegant classic look. This way is appropriate for the cool weather of the fall. For the winter freezing days, tying it twice around would provide more protection. To apply it, put the scarf at the back of the neck with its two sides and ends in the front; make one side longer than the other. Take the long side around the neck and back to its primary side. For the twice around, opt for a longer scarf and keep one side considerably longer than the other.

winter-scarf-for-men-fashion-2019-675x1013 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

ralph-lauren-fall-winter-2017-asymmetric-scarf Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-675x1013 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

2 Crisscross at the front of the chest

Called the Chest Warmer as well, this way secures your chest from the cold efficiently. It is fantastic for men under a v-neck sweater and jacket. To wear it, lay the scarf over your neck with the sides even at the right and left; cross the two ends at the front of the chest; to the back, tie the ends together.

3 The oversized front triangle

Also known as the square blanket scarf, this is one charming tie that we cannot ignore. All you need to do is to fold the square scarf into a triangle, place it at the front over the chest, and tie the ends at the back of the neck. It’s quite elegant to wear with many outfits, including a sweater or shirt and jacket.

scarf-wrap-675x974 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

Thanksgiving-outfit-plaid-tartan-scarf-675x1012 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-for-men-John-Varvatos-Fall-Winter-2018-2019-New-York-Fashion-Week-675x1013 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

4 A Boho headscarf

However more common in the hot season, the boho way to wear a headscarf protects the head from cold and conveys a fresh look. Patterned and floral printed scarves are quite suitable for this style. It is also significant to go for a bohemian outfit to match the boho ways of wearing headscarves. The most popular wrap is the gypsy headscarf; you could obtain it by simply folding a square scarf into a triangle, putting it over your head, and tying the ends at the back of the head. Another effortless, yet nice-looking, way is to use double similar rectangular scarves to make a loop; then, wrap the scarf around your head with the loop at the side and tie the ends at the back.  A bright-colored bandana that covers the ears, and is tied up in a front bow makes one more elegant choice.

headscarf-675x909 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

5 Tying double scarves

Double scarves convey a vibrant stellar look. The trend is also of a boho vibe whose degree ranges depending on the way you wear the scarves. Wearing ones of different patterns around your neck and through one side to the back is a perfect combination of bohemian and classic styles. Wrapping them in a boho way would magnify the effect; one way to do so is to put the scarves around your neck as in number one and tie the ends at the front loosely.  You could also twist a scarf and wrap it around your hair, covering the ears; then, add a headband as a second layer.

double-winter-headscarves-675x925 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

double-scarf-look-winter-scarf-675x455 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

6 One at the front and one to the back

It is a quite dainty way to wear the scarf; it is perfect with strapless tops and dresses. Tie a small scarf to the side; leave one side at the front and through the other to the back. That’s all. A fabulous example of the trend is from Ralph Lauren for winter.

Untitled Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear
Source: Vogue

7 Retro headscarf looks

The best thing about retro headscarf ties is that their femininity and elegance are packed with practicality. They provide warmth and could be your savior on windy and rainy days. To achieve a retro wrap, fold a square scarf to a triangle; make its head dangling at the front of the head and the other side at the back. Then, bring the ends to the front and tie them well to secure the wrap. Now, take the tip of the scarf backward and wrap it around the front knot; do the same with the two ends but around the sides. This retro turban can be applied with some other twists and looks, and they all look stunning. Combine the headscarf with an effortless, vintage hairstyle such as splitting the front hair and tying it to the back in a bun, or making two side roll curls.

8 Messy scarf ties

Messy wraps of statement scarves is a noticeable trend this season. They transmit an effortless, confident look whether with a loose front tie, different-length sides, etc.

scarf-wrap-outfit-675x1015 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

messy-scarf Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-pringle-of-scotland-stripes-fashion-675x900 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-fall-winter-2018-2019-outfits-675x1013 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear

winter-scarf-fall-winter-2018_2019-jewelry_accessories_trends-statement_scarves-675x466 Top 8 Winter Scarves Creative Ways to Wear
Source: Glowsly

Scarves are such a smart addition that complements the look of men and women efficiently. And in winters, they do not skimp on you their warmth. We hope that you found new, suitable ways to wear scarves among these fabulous trends, and that you will enjoy warmth in the cold days.

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