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8 Tips to Choose the Best Jeans for Your Body Shape

Your mood and self-confidence are significant elements in how you feel about yourself. Part of your self-esteem lies in the clothes you pick up. How and what you dress can say a lot about your personality. Based on your personality, you may find yourself getting compliments, negative comments, or none at all and that impact your confidence as well. Well, when it comes to fashion and dressing up, jeans are usually our constant go-to. They save us in almost all the time; you can wear them to casual parties, dates, hangouts with your friends, or at a gather with your family. Above and beyond, you can freely wear jeans while running errands or when a sudden situation pops up. The pair of jeans is simply a time and trouble saver; however, it has to perfectly fit you. Mistakenly, quite a lot of people do choose whatever jeans they like without paying attention to their body shape. Yes, your body shape requires choosing the right jeans because one pair of jeans can make you effortlessly look better or worse. First, you need to learn about your body type and your physical appearance. Once you are aware of your body type, you can easily choose the perfect pair of jeans. Here are eight tips that you can simply apply to look your best.

1 Straight Out Legs for A Balance Creation

Well, not everyone is meant to have a perfect body- unless you work hard to get one through exercises and a strict diet. If you happen to be on that side where your body is out of proportion, then you have to watch out which pair of denim jeans you are picking up. Covering your unfavorable curves requires either choosing suitable underwear brand as Knix underwear or creating an equal proportion of your upper and lower body parts. Go for jeans that have straight legs; it makes your body seem more balanced out and conceal the curves you don’t prefer showing off.

2 Fitting Jeans for the Wide Hips

Having big hips is definitely sexy and attractive. Unfortunately, not every woman has the talent to flatter the appearance of her wide hips through the perfect pair of denim jeans. So, they end up picking up the wrong type for the shape of their bodies. But, we gotta be honest, finding the right jeans is no easy task. If you are on that side who owns big hips, opt for jeans that are a bit stretchy and are high-waist. Conversely, detour away from low-rise skinny styles; they will make your hips look even wider.

3 Large Pockets Can Flatter Your Backside

Not all women are blessed with curvy butts; however, that doesn’t change the fact that they are as beautiful as those with larger backsides. Always go for jeans that have larger pockets; they complement flat bums by adding more coverage for them and make them look lush enough to boost your self-esteem and look sexier.

4 Flare Jeans for Seemingly Longer Legs

Flare and boot-cut denim create an illusion that your legs are taller. They are actually the best type of jeans for those who have little legs and complain about their shortness. You can now easily fulfill your dream and appear longer with the right pair of flared jeans especially if you have little curves on your petite figure. On the other hand, taller women can opt for flare jeans as well; they work perfectly for all heights, but they may make the perfect choice for those who are on the shorter side of the spectrum.

5 The Perfect Solution for Long Midsections

Having a long torso does not necessarily mean that you are tall. You may have an average height or even be short, but have a midsection that is proportionally tall compared to the rest of your body. This may, unfortunately, hamper your process of finding the perfect pair that comfortably sits on your hips and still praises your appearance. Thankfully, there are a plenty of type of jeans that work for different body types. This type, in particular, requires high-waist jeans because they securely reach for your hips and cover part of your midsection which makes your body look less distorted.

6 What about the Ones with Shorter Midsections?

Obviously, there was a solution for those who have long midsections, so, definitely, there must one for those who fall in the opposite category, don’t you think? Well, when you have a short torso, your aim is to make it seem longer than it actually is. Again, this creates a view that looks more proportional. Thus, if you fall into this category, always choose jeans that are low-waist and hug your hips. These styles sit lower on your waist, crafting the appearance of a long torso. You’ll find yourself feeling more confident when your body appears slimmer and fitter.

7 Showing Off the Right Curves

Some women were blessed with fit bodies that have sexy curves; ones that they would love to show off rather than hiding away in an abandoned cave. Those bodies are usually referred to as hourglass. Their upper and lower parts of their bodies are wider than their midsection. The best pair of denim jeans for this body is one that has wide legs and the waist is a mid-rise style. Your body already has a perfect proportion; your goal is to boost the right curves and looks slim in the perfect places.

8 Dark Wash Jeans are Thighs Concealers

We are here to help you wear your perfect pair of jeans yet feel extremely sexy. If you happen to have a body that is little chubby, you may feel embarrassed to wear jeans that sit tight on your thighs and make them appear wider. While you should not be ashamed of the size of your body, you can always go for the pairs of jeans that are of darker colors and stay away from the light-colored ones. Dark wash jeans conceal the extra parts that you do not want them to show.

We hope these tips will help you easily find the perfect pair of jeans and be as confident as you should always be. So, pick up your jeans wisely.