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8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

A lot of women would agree that make-up might be the best invention the world has come up with, especially those who feel very grateful for all the beauty products that helped them to shine. This obsession of women has made them the best clients for all the brands with big names. The market seems to be making great use of women’s indescribable love for grooming themselves, and taking advantage out of it by constantly producing more and more new stuff, especially when it comes to anything related to fashion and beauty.

If you are a woman with a great sense of fashion, you are probably aware of all the beauty products available nowadays, and you barely get surprised upon seeing something out of the ordinary because you have become so used to the world’s most unusual up shots, but there are a lot of makeup products that might seem very extraordinary for you just until you try them and see how beneficial they are for finishing up your good looks. These weird products might help in giving you that attractively bold look, who knows?!

If you are so fond of wearing makeup and using all the new beauty products, you might be the perfect candidate for trying something out of the ordinary. For example, you surely know that contouring your face helps in redefining and enhancing its shape, but have you ever heard about a similar product that is used for enhancing your abdominal muscles? It sounds weird, but true; this product is one of the unusual beauty products available out there, among a lot of even more strange ones. The list below will get you introduced to more strange beauty products.

8 Abs in a Box

Here is the product that was introduced above; an abs muscle enhancer for when you are too lazy to hit the gym, but need to look perfect in a revealing outfit or a swimsuit as easy and as soon as possible with the minimum effort. A lot of cosmetic products have succeeded lately in saving a lot of women’s love, and confidence too.

ABS-IN-A-BOX-675x574 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

ABS-workout-675x338 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

7 Charcoal swabs

Well, they might look like the white Q-tips and have the function of the wipes used for removing the makeup, but actually it is much more than that or, to be more specific, it has the best of both worlds; long and thin like the white Q-tips and easy remover like the wipes. So now you are wondering what is so special about it, right? Well, the charcoal swabs are perfect to use when you are in a hurry and need to fix a tiny detail in your makeup without ruining your whole look. What is so special about it, is the fact that it is so precise, and will help you erase your faults with ease.

sephoracharcoalswabs4e-675x540 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

Charcoal-swabs-675x386 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

6 Eyelashes curler

At first sight, you might mistake it for that 3D View-Master toy that you used to play around with as a little kid, but this is actually an eyelashes curler. Yes, you read that right, this little thing is used for curling your upper lashes and giving you that seductively sexy-looking eyes.

TOOLS-Tweezerman-ProCurl-Lash-Curler-675x494 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

Eyelashes-curler2-675x844 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

Eyelashes-675x471 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

5 Coil facial hair remover

It looks so strange, but it is far more beneficial than any other way you would use in order to remove your facial hair and guess what? It also removes the hair from its root, but with a lot less pain than that, you have to endure when you apply hot wax on your face. It seems like the process of hair removal is inevitable painful, but that coil facial hair remover will definitely make the process much easier. All you need to do is expand that coil, grab the hair by it, and tweeze it off. Plus, it is very easy to carry anywhere, especially if you are on a date and realized that you missed a tiny sneaky hair on your face, then just excuse yourself to the ladies room, take that hair off and regain your confidence.

Coil-facial-hair-remover-675x385 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

Coil-facial-hair-remover2-675x675 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

4 Sweet cosmetics

Imagine how happy a girl would be if you got her a gift box laden with chocolates and makeup? Yes, right, extremely happy is what she is going to be. That is exactly what Etude House, the famous South Korean, did; they made most of the girls unbelievably happy by launching a product called Sweet Recipe, which is chocolate-like eye shadows with its three different colors, and it is packaged in a way that looks like a candy bar, making it look very delicious.

etude-house-sweet-recipe-chocolate-eyes 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

sweet-recipe-1-1 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

3 Salmon eggs cream

You, definitely, have always heard that fish is very good for your health, especially Salmon, and have read about its benefits for multiple times, but maybe you are not really sure what exactly can Salmon do, and all you know is that it is a delicious meal to enjoy. In case you are unaware of its benefits, it actually helps in purifying your skin from any imperfections, making it glow and shine. That is why this Salmon Eggs cream was produced, by the Korean brand, Besolbo. This cream is actually applied to your face by gently squishing one of those small little eggs and gently rubbing it, then let it sit overnight in order for it to deeply moisturize your skin and enhance its complexion.

Besolbo-salmon-eggs-cream-675x441 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

s-l1000-675x675 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

2 Lips tattoos

Lips tattoos? Yes, this is a very bold as well as extremely strange product. It might sound terrifying, but do not freak out, for thank goodness, they are temporary and you will not be stuck with it for your whole life. These tattoos are also available for the eyes, and they can last up for the whole eight hours. They are very handy and useful since they do not easily get wiped off like regular lipsticks when you eat, drink, or even kiss. And the same goes for the eyes shadow tattoos, mindlessly rubbing your eyes off will not make you look like a raccoon anymore. THEY ARE AWESOME!

Lips-tattoos-675x671 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

Lips-tattoos2-675x675 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

Eyebrows-shutterstock_173066627-675x450 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

1 Brows balancer

We can’t really help, but wow at that product because we are sure there are a lot of women out there who have always waited for such a tool, especially those who prefer doing their own eyebrows by themselves without having to go to a professional beauty salon. Besides its attractive feminine color, it is actually the best help to keep your brows proportionally similar while plucking. Trust us on that one; once you use it you will wonder how you ever wasted your time before in painfully plucking your eyebrows and never got the desired results.

Brows-balancer-675x675 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

brow-9-675x675 8 Strangest Cosmetic Products You Should Try

It seems that there will never be an end for those every day’s inventions, and deep down we are hoping that there will not be because no matter how these creative products seem weird, they will surely come in handy one way or another. Besides, there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and try some new bold styles and show everyone that beautiful, unexpected side of yours. Even if you are not the type of woman who likes getting out of her beauty routine, trust us; trying one or two of those listed products will make you wonder how you ever lived without them before. Be the Hottest Version Of Yourself.

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