8 Signs It’s Time to End Your Relationship

At some point or another, every single one of us will have to face the challenging decision of calling quits on a relationship. Tensions begin to rise, things don’t feel quite the same as they used to, and the rose-tinted glasses have officially fallen off. Whatever might be making you question the future between you and your partner is worth thinking about deeply, as leaving these doubts unaddressed only serves to cause greater anguish and pain down the line.

All relationships experience sticking points from time to time. In many instances, these quarrels can be healthy and keep a partnership from turning stale. However, the unfortunate reality is that often major differences are irreconcilable, and the relationship must come to an end for the greater good of each partner.  Listed below are 8 examples that indicate it’s time to let go and move forwards from a detrimental partnership:

1 Physical, verbal or emotional abuse

It goes without saying that abuse of any kind is inexcusable in a relationship. Unfortunately, however, abuse is often very hard to define and can be perceived differently to different people. It is also easy to fall victim to gaslighting as many abusers can make it particularly difficult to determine when abuse is actually taking place. Regardless, as soon as doubts creep in, there’s a good chance that it’s time to call it quits with the relationship. A normal relationship will experience its ups and downs, but when abusive tendencies begin to show, it’s important to take them very seriously.

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2 Cheating

Again, cheating is another obvious reason to leave a partner. But while this may seem fairly evident, determining what constitutes cheating is a different matter altogether.  Each relationship will have its own boundaries and expectations, so it’s crucial to have this discussion with a partner early on. When these boundaries are broken, for most of us, a relationship becomes irreconcilable.

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3 Lack of respect

Cheating is just one example in many that demonstrates a lack of respect for a partner, and just like cheating, the concept of mutual respect in a relationship is unique according to each individual partnership. While this is true, witnessing a partner exhibit disrespect towards you is a sure-fire sign that they prioritize their happiness over yours. Arguments and challenges must be approached in a considerate way for a relationship to survive – if a partner fails to do so, you can be sure that things aren’t going to work in the long run.

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4 Failure to fix recurrent issues

Once is forgivable. Twice is irritating, but three examples of the same mistake is a big sign that a partner is not considering your feelings. Repetitive slip-ups by a partner after issues have been raised is a clear indication that your concerns are being pushed aside and that the relationship has a fast-approaching expiry date. We are partners, not parents of our other half, so it’s crucial to evaluate how they respond in these situations closely.

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5 Addiction

Being in a relationship with an addict is an incredibly heartbreaking situation to be in. For many couples, they can work through this challenge as a team, providing the sufferer with much-needed support. However, for others, the damage caused by addiction will only serve to cause huge division if the addicted partner fails to seek the help they need or take the time to work on themselves for the benefit of their relationship.

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6 Co-dependency

The beautiful thing about relationships is that they are a balancing act between two invested individuals who love and care for each other. There needs to be mutual respect, cooperation, and plenty of teamwork as you embark on life as a duo. A relationship with a partner who relies too heavily on the other, and takes more than they give, is unfortunately destined to fail.

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7 Unrealistic expectations

The deepest love between partners is completely unconditional love, and it’s certainly reasonable for a partner to verbalize their concerns in a considerate manner if they truly have their loved one’s best interests at heart. However, as we age together, our looks inevitably fade, and we face different challenges than we might have faced in our twenties. Whether these challenges are physical, mental, or health-related in general, it is unfair for a partner to use these as an excuse to throw in the towel without having an in-depth discussion or an attempt to reach a point of understanding beforehand.

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8 You’re afraid of being alone

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, you mustn’t stay with a partner if you’re simply afraid of being single. There have been multiple psychological studies conducted that suggest people who fear being alone are far more likely to find themselves caught up in stagnant, unfulfilling relationships. Therefore, we must consciously avoid ‘settling’ with a partner that we have underlying doubts about. Rather, we must work on ourselves and build our independence, reminding ourselves that a relationship is not a necessity for us to reach our full potential.

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Some of us may be victims of extreme relationship breakdowns such as cheating and abuse. Others of us may instead be battling with more minor issues, such as feeling unheard or over-relied on in a relationship. Whatever the extent of the problem is, it is crucial to pinpoint it and leave the situation if it truly is unfixable. Sometimes, to admit defeat in a failing relationship is an act braver than trying to prolong it out of pride.

It is incredibly admirable to be able to stand back and acknowledge the failures of a partner, and to act accordingly for the betterment of yourself and yourself only. A failed relationship must also be looked at as a great life lesson as it teaches us not only how to love another, but also what we must try and avoid in future partnerships. Sometimes we may need a little extra help in finding our feet in these tricky situations, so visiting one of our gifted psychics at will help guide and support you in the right direction.

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