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8 Most Fashionable Hairstyles For Round Faces [2018 Trends]

Opting for a certain hairstyle rather than the others does not only rely on what is in and what is out this year. However, there are more helping criteria that would let you decide which haircut will be the best for you. One criterion is face shape. Hair experts believe that men with round faces may find it difficult to decide on the haircut the suits them, unlike men with oval faces for instance.

So, here Pouted offers eight of the most dazzling and fashionable hairstyles for men with round faces.

1  Classic Pompadour  
As much as it is not a piece cake to find a haircut that would complement a guy’s round face, the Pompadour does its job perfectly. As we mentioned, the ultimate key to complement your round face is to opt for a haircut that would add volume to your hair.

All you have to do is to prune the sides. However, it is essential for the hair on top to be more than 3 inches. Then, put oil or hair cream on your slightly wet hair, comb the top backward. Then, repeat the process to raise the front. Comb it upward and down word with a rolling brush then dry it.

2 Angular Fringe  
Theoretically, fringes make your face more round than it already is, so, we do not tend to recommend it for men with round faces. But, there is ultimately special fringe that changed our whole perspective concerning fringes for oval faces, which is the Angular Fringe. Interestingly, Angular Fringes provide your face with dimension and scale down the roundness of your face.

All you have to cut the sides and the back of your hair according to your preferences but leave the fringe relatively longer. Moreover, you can cut your fringe at an angle so the length if the fringe would have variation. Then, it would surround you with those vibes that you have just woken up and have gone out without much grooming, yet you look fabulous.

3  Vertical Haircut 
Here we are again before one of the most dazzling haircuts that add volume to your hair. The Vertical Haircut is, more or less, a basic form that needs more versatile elements and touch-ups so it would beam with heaps of different styles that provides you with an abundance of looks with simple touch-ups.
The basic Vertical Haircut emphasises the top of the hair as it should be long when juxtaposed with shorter sides. Use oil and good gel them make your crest still, using an effective hairspray product.

4  Spiky  
Not everyone can nail a spiky hairstyle. As we mentioned before; round faces have a smattering of options when it comes to haircuts suiting them, but these few haircuts are unquestionably peerless and do not suit lots of faces. So when round faces have it, they have it big.

The spiky hairstyle is like your easy-going friend who never says “No” to anyone. He just pleases people with a list of demands. Similarly, Spiky style does not require precise haircut; we add the emphasis on the length, and we have to say it goes with long hair as well as short hair.

It is ultimately simple that you can nail any haircut you prefer rather than spike it. All you have to do is to apply trustworthy hair products on your hair lock than comb them or use your fingers combing them upward.

5 Asymmetrical Messy Fringe 
If you the Angular Fringe caught your attention and had you swoon despite the fact that fringes are not round faces’ cup of tea, but they are perfect for them as long as they are Angular. Similarly, the Asymmetrical Messy Fringe complements your facial shape. So, all you need to do is to cut your have asymmetrically, which means to have some longer parts than the others. Preferably, ask a barber to cut as it needs to be professionally handled.

6  Faux Hawk 
If you ten to add an edgier look, the Faux Hawk can do it for you. Like most haircuts for round faces, the Faux Hawk relies on the ridge. You can go with wear with sides: full of fading. Interestingly, you can add your touch-ups to make it suit your personality or the occasion for which you are grooming. The hairstyle has no definite length; you can have at different lengths of the hair. The only condition is to make the sides shorter than the top.
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7  The Slicked Undercut 
The Slicked Undercut is defined with a more extended top slick back across the scalp with fading sides. You can add versatile touch-ups to the haircut owing to the definite leap between the top and the fading sides.
The Undercut has stood the test of time since it is easy to nail. The Slicked Undercut is reportedly perfect for summer as it does not disturb your scalp with unwanted heat.

8  Side Part 
All we can say that Side Part is a haircut as old as time. Unsurprisingly, it is easy to acquire and to maintain. We can say its simple maintenance steps has provided it with its current and booming popularity. Moreover, it is undeniable that such haircut is deliberate and fashionable. Furthermore, it suits formal occasions and offices.
All you have to do is to make sure that the length of your hair ranges from 2 to 4 inches so the parting effortless. Then, set your combat a point at the back of your head either to the right or the left side. Next, comb all your hair back to the part you chose.
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Naturally, men with round faces should stick to a handful of hairstyles. Most of the hairstyles intersect at one point: volume of the hair, which is the secret for most of the haircuts dedicated to round faces. Moreover, remember that most of that haircuts that imply longer top and shorter sides show the attractiveness of such face. On the other hand, symmetrical bangs and bulks do not work with the roundness of your face.

Share with us your favourite haircut in the comment section down below!