$8 Million for “YouTube” Because “Gangnam Style”

the video for the song “Gangnam Style”, which received worldwide success in 2012, and seen more than a billion times on “YouTube”, achieving more than eight million dollars of ad revenue, the Group announced the “Google” his royal.

And Chief Financial Officer revealed “Google” Nekish Arora this information during a conference conducted by telephone after the publication of the results of the group, and in the context of talking about the profit potential of ads on “YouTube.”

And distributed profits generated by the ads on “YouTube” by watching videos on the contents of this site designers.

In December / December, was the video for the song “Gangnam Style” South Korean singer Sai had crossed the threshold of one billion viewers on “YouTube.” The counter log page Tuesday evening 1.23 billion viewers.

Noteworthy that “Gangnam Style”, and although it is in Korean, succeeded thanks to the rhythm and Riqstha steps to attract a wide audience of celebrities, from the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to the mayor of London Boris Johnson, through the U.S. President Barack Obama.

And dance to the rhythm of this song that makes a mockery of residents living style upscale Gangnam district in Seoul, thousands of pupils, students and groups is known, including students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The artist took advantage of China’s Ai Weiwei exhibitions success by the world for the song to publish a statement about freedom of expression, but it was soon withdrawn from the Internet in China.

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