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8 Keys to Set Health Goals and Achieve Them

Changing what we are usually accustomed to is not always easy even if we want to do it for the better. A lot of studies have proven that changing habits is not a piece of cake; in fact, it can be quite stressful. There have also been books written as a guide to help you change our habits bit by bit; yes, because it is not that easy after all. Despite everything, we need to be serious about taking extreme measures to take care of our wellbeing. Our health should be our top priority. While committing to health goals is not that easy, you will thank yourself later if you beat that depleting energy and go for it. Above and beyond, it is way better than having to deal with a chronic illness or an unpleasant ailment, God forbid. Luckily, you have come to the right place, and since you are looking for ways to better your health, you are already taking the first steps on the right path. Check out those simple keys that will help you stick to your health goals and be there.

1 Set Your Mind Up

This is the very first thing you need to do; you need to believe that you are capable of being the healthy person you deserve to be. Whatever your mind believes, your heart will spontaneously follow. Your mind has more power than you actually may believe. What you need to do on a daily basis is tell yourself that you can do it and you will do. There is even that popular quote that says “Believe, and you are half way there.” We can’t stress on how this quote is true. One of the effective ways to abide by the quote is to keep it before your eyes for as long as possible. Reading it over and over again will help your mind believe in it unconsciously, and that is what you need.

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2 Make Your Goals Realistic

One of the main definite ways to lose focus and motivation is that some people tend to set unrealistic goals; ones that are not within reach. For example, some people have that plan in mind of losing a huge amount of weight in a very little time and when it does not happen – which never will- they get discouraged and ditch the whole plan altogether falling back into their old unhealthy habits. To avoid this ceaseless struggle, make genuine promises to yourself; set plans that you are capable of committing to or else you will end up exactly where you have started.

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3 Follow the A, B, C

Well, stating that means that you should follow the basic steps of any action. While this is true, these three letters stand for three important words which are, Achievement, Believing, and Commitment. Those three actions go hand in hand; you can’t adopt one and ditch another; you have to follow all three of them. Achievement comes first alphabetically; however, it is the result of the next two words. However, placing it at the beginning can work great as a motivation to remind you of the importance of achieving your goals. Like we previously mentioned, believing is quite critical; it is the engine that is going to drive you exactly where you want to be. Tell your mind that you believe in yourself until you can’t see it any other way. Last, commitment is the final key, without you will lose the whole thing. Make promises to yourself and commit to it; you deserve loyalty and commitment not only from those around you but also from yourself.

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4 Don’t Go On without a Time Frame

While it is important to be realistic about your goals, you also need to set a time for whatever you want to achieve. Even if your goals require a long time to get to them, you can break your goals into small ones and set a short time for each of them. That way, you will be able to achieve each of them and that in itself is a success. Consequently, succeeding in reaching each goal will push you further and promote that glorious feeling of success; you will stay motivated and won’t lose sight of your ultimate goal that is waiting for you at the end of the road.

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5 Feel Free to Modify Your Goals Every Once in a While

At some point, the methods used to reach our goals can be a bit stressful or inadequate at the moment. When this happens, people tend to ditch their plans and go for the easier options. Unfortunately, leading an unhealthy life is, for some reason, easier than leading a healthy one. That is certain because not everything around us provides those healthy options when we need them. For example, if you are trying to cut back on smoking or drinking alcohol, you will come across a lot of temptations that may make you lose sight of your progress. The same goes for people who are trying to lose weight or control their diabetes; they will find junk food a lot more accessible than fresh meals. Thus, we need to modify things according to our plans since our psychology state plays a part in getting near our goal. If you need to exercise, but you don’t feel comfortable being in a gym around shed bodies and a lot of people, go for a run around your place instead. Do it the way that suits you best, but just do it.

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6 Keep Your Plans Public

When you let your family and friends know about your plans, you will find yourself more committed to them. Those who love you will definitely be concerned about your health, thus, they will always do their best to make sure you are going to get there and improve your wellbeing, Besides, keeping your progress public will make you feel more encouraged when people start pointing out the positive changes that have been obvious on your appearance. Moreover, your loved ones will lift you up and support you at times when you are feeling down and vulnerable to give up.

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7 Celebrate Every Little Success

Along with setting little goals to be easier to achieve, always celebrate each little goal. You deserve to be reminded of your strength and your ability to carry on even at times when you did not feel like it. Besides, these celebrations can be things that you look forward to, and that will make you push yourself harder. You can even write down all the goals you have already achieved and when you feel like ditching your plan, read your success journal and remind yourself of the euphoria you got after hitting your mini goals and then go out for more.

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8 Forgive Yourself and Do it All Over Again

Remember that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. If you have fallen off the track at the middle of the road, don’t just decide that you are not doing it anymore. That approach of All or Nothing is just a way to set yourself up to fail. Instead, forgive yourself when you fail and lift yourself up again, carry on.

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Keep in mind that nothing is more important than your wellbeing. If you are addicted to harmful habits, start today and set plans to lead a healthier life.

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