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8 Ideas to Revamp Your Garden for 2019

Home gardens are a massive source of beauty and joy. They serve as an exotic exterior decoration and a haven where you can relax surrounded with a glimpse of nature. While the cold season has already initiated and we are approaching a new year, many looking forward to or have already started revamping their gardens. Whether small, middle or big garden, you will indeed find ideas and decorations that suit your garden and taste.

Do not let the pressure of life take away from you the joy of spending quiet time in the garden. A guaranteed method that would help you achieve this is to design the garden to be a magnet for you by applying what is expressive of your spirit. Following we picked you eight ideas to renovate your garden for 2019.

1 Tree-house for kids and child spirits

Building a tree-house in your garden is a fantastic idea, not only for kids but adults as well. Plus, it is a trend that is expected to rock in 2019. Tree-houses form a combination of convenience and beauty. It would serve as a camping spot for children, quiet place for adults to relax in, and charming decoration piece. You could DIY it, but if you do not know how, it is better to let a professional deal with it. A tree-house has to be durable and well-built to be safe for whoever uses it. A wide variety of styles and designs are available for you to employ. If you are a fan of the rustic style, do not hesitate to apply it; it would be a simple and vibrant addition to the garden.

2 Swings for a joyful touch

No matter how we grow up, we will probably never get over the charm of swings. Swinging brings a great deal of relaxation and joy. How many ones to install? Well, it depends on the size of your garden; if you are a real fan, you could substitute swings for chairs. A hanging chair would also serve you as well as the garden’s look well. Boho touches would indeed add breeze and intimacy to the place. Patterned pillows of different colors and textures, maybe with a rustic table are perfect choices to go for.

3 Fire pit for cold evenings

Among what many love about winter is family gatherings around the fire in the cold days. The friendly atmosphere combined with the sense of adventure coming out from recalling our ancient ancestors sitting around the fire in the wild and caves to warm up and keep predators away. Many ideas to install fire pits in the garden are available, from the modern-looking ones to those of more wild touches.  This also applies to how it works; there are the gas and wood fire pits. However, some experts prefer gas as the produced fire does not give off smoke, and no sparks fly out of the fire pit. So, if you are a fan of the simpler way, the wood, pay extra attention to your fire feature. And in all cases do not leave it lit while you are not around.

4 Pets for livelier gardens

Could you imagine a bunch of puppies or guinea pigs running and wandering in your garden? No doubt that it would be a pure joy to sit surrounded with such cute critters. However, do not get super excited as things could go messy. Go for the pets that you could handle taking care of and consider the size of your garden while taking the decision; there has to be enough space for the new habitants to live and move comfortably.  It is another fantastic idea for both adults and kids.

5 Defy the cold with color and texture

Many gardeners tend to bring color to their gardens in the cold season. However, the pale-colored scene of winter has its charm, adding some color and texture– according to your preference- would refresh and deepen the look of the garden. One way to apply the trend is to bring containers of combinations of colorful twigs, evergreen sprigs, and dried perennials. If you are to DIY it, fill the two-thirds of the container with sand to support the plants. Among the suitable choices to create a rich look in winter are colorful-bark trees, evergreens, and plants that bloom in the late winter. Regarding the material to employ in your garden decoration, the talented gardeners David and Harry Rich support using different shapes of the same material, such as stone, to add more texture to the garden’s look.

6 Support the local wildlife

Environmental awareness has spread among many that they adjust their home gardens to fit the needs of the local wildlife around. A great way to do so is bird feeders. They are available in various shapes and materials. You could install one as a decorative addition to revamp the garden, and to provide the native songbirds with food; it would ease their lives in the cold days of winter. Plus, this idea of welcoming passers is more practical than having pets if your garden is small. Another vital aspect of the idea is to know what seeds and mixes are suitable for the native birds where you live. Keep in mind that you should restrict the use of insecticides too.

7 Play with lighting

Lighting is a vital part of your garden decoration. A right distribution of lighting along with snow forms a charming view to enjoy in the long winter evenings, whether by sitting in the garden or even from the window when it is freezing outside. Use the lighting smartly to spotlight the desired areas. Employ the lights artistically to decorate the trees, shrubs, and plant containers. And go for expressive colors of your preference and mood, whether calm or festive.

8 Plant herbs and fruits

Introducing herbs, vegetables, and fruits to your garden would be an enjoyable experience for the lovers of gardening. Growing herbs allows you to have your own source of flavors to add to your cook. Among the suitable herbs to grow in winter, are sage, rosemary, parsley, oregano, chives, and basil. For the fruits, strawberry and berries are a nice choice that could survive to the end of the fall. They would give you irresistible taste and revamp your garden with their color and beauty. Just keep in mind that however these fruits and herbs are hardy, they require some care and pruning in fall.

These were some ideas we chose for you out of many others. A mighty pro of them is that they are a combination of practical and decorative. Applying even one or two of them would effectively turn a dull garden into a breezy, lively one. A beautiful garden is a pleasant place for everyone whether kids or adults. We hope that you find among these ideas what suits you.