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8 Fashionable Hairstyles For Every Man In His 40’s

In the fashion world, there is nothing as impossible, and there is no point where you stop taking care of your appearance. Mainly, men who take care of their look and style are likely to take care of their health, body and diet, as well. There is, thus, no need to think that you are no longer in the game; most of Hollywood’s most handsome men have surpassed the age of 40 such as George Clooney, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr and Brad Pitt. All you have to do is to rummage for an age-appropriate haircut that would do you justice. Here, Pouted enlists haircuts for men in the 40s, considering different hair colours, types and face shapes.

The Buzz Cut is, more or less, a sophisticated outline to express your full-fledged personality and potential as a grown-up man.
If your grey locks push your buttons, you can deliberately cut them off till your scalp would get wiped out. Surely, there are no lines patterned on your scalp. Apparently, most men tend to opt for the Buzz Cut after their hair dwindles and manifestly drains away as they are leading the way of their forties.

2  The Ivy League 
The short Ivy League cut is another hairstyle for men who are rocking their forties and opt for shorter hair and want to maintain a classic look. Always bear in mind that you can keep longer hair on top to attain elegance. Longer hair on top provides a handful of various hairstyle: hair swept to the side or swept back. You can sweep it forward in a bid to wear Caesar haircut or you can render it messy for an informal and funkier look.
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3  Combover with Volume 
A simple combover is far beyond elegant and suits a man in his forties like no other haircut. However, it favourable to reform, add and eliminate touch-ups in a bid to nail different looks, yet with one haircut. As many haircut touch-ups, you will wear or try, bear in mind that you have to nail Combover with Volume. Such Combover is defined with tremendous volume. Moreover, the combover beams with waves then it effortlessly lays on your head.

4 Two-Toned with Combover 
It does not matter whether all your hair is turning to grey or not. Two-toned hair is a new concept to fashion linked to 40 and above year old men. Embracing the different hues featured by your hair is vital. Your hair can be black or brown on the top and grey on both sides. There is no need to dye your hair; different shades are utterly trendy.

5 Curly Cut 
If your hair is relatively thick and curly, embrace your curls. Sometimes find it difficult to maintain a haircut that will do their age and elegance justice. There is a thin thread between being handsome and still embracing your grey curls. Nobody wants to be perceived as they are acting younger than their age. Keep your curls relatively short and enjoy your grey locks in the best way possible.

6 Molded Curls 
Unlike Curly Cut that required relatively short hair, Molded Curls demand relatively long hair. The look suits formal occasions and offices as well as outings with friends and romantic dinners.

7 The Short Caesar 
We have to acknowledge the fact that the age of 40 marks point when hair slops backwards. If the fact that George Clooney nailed this look multiple times will not encourage you to head to your barber and ask him to give you the Short Caesar haircut, we do not know what will!

8  The Loose Pompadour  
Such haircut will complement guys who are still blessed with thick hair. If you want to maintain a funky look that is still age appropriate and have an oval or relatively long face, the Pompadour will be the ultimately perfect hairstyle you can nail.

Opt for a haircut that beams your unique personality; it can tell much about you. So, Tell us which haircut caught your attention and you think you ought to wear in the comment section below.