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Top 10 Modern Bathroom Sink Design Ideas

Whether you are having a new home or renovating your old one, you probably do not pay great attention to the bathroom as much as you do to the rest of the house. But let’s take a moment of common sense; bathrooms should definitely be comfortable places and, as a matter of fact, their interior design plays role in providing either that comfort or displeasure. You do not have to change the whole bathroom design; for example, you can design your sink in an unusual way, considering that the design and the color should be in harmony with the rest of the bathroom.

We brought to you this list of exceptional looking sinks, so check them out..

8 Coffee cup sink

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, you can’t really help but fall in love with the design of that sink. It is shaped into an enormous cup of coffee. The sink is also available in different colors.

7 Magical sink

The magical sink is one of the most interesting ones of all time. It is a white rounded washbasin established under a faucet. It sounds like a beautiful sink, but normal one, right? Well, here comes the interesting part; on turning the tap on, there is a gorgeous light cast beneath the basin. This sink is as elegant and delightful as it can get.

6 Around The Globe Sink

That one is not strangely designed, but it is still one of a kind. The shape of the sink is that of an ordinary one, but the difference comes about here is that the world’s most beautiful monuments are painted on it leaving the basin looking tremendously beautiful.

5 Square Sink

This sink is a square-shaped bowl made of tinted green glass with such an elegant look. It is a matchless sink that you should consider if you are after exotic designs.

4 Concrete Sink

This sink is made of real concrete and garnished with bluish green geometric shapes. The design is very unique, but what makes it more distinctive is the fact that the drain is not placed at the center of its base. The designer apparently wanted it to leave a handprint on whoever beholds it. The basin is connected to a canal, made of concrete as well, where the water flows from the basin all the way to the drain.

3 Aquarium Sink

That sink is made up of glass inside which there is an aquarium. Undeniably the washbasin looks exceptionally gorgeous. You should totally consider it if you are an under-the-water lover.

2 Slide Sink

If you claim a relatively large space in your bathroom, this sink will be a good bet. The basin is a flat surface that allows the water to fall onto the sliding surface until it reaches the drain on the ground. It looks really fun and splendid.

1 Glasswork Sink

This sink is entirely made of glass, It is designed with a hollow where the drain is at its base, so every time the faucet is turned on, you get a nice splashing waterfalls look in your own washbasin.