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8 Best Travel Destinations in June

June gracefully straddles spring and summer in the northern hemisphere. It announces that the first semester of the year is over and that the summer holidays are almost round the corner. The sixth month of the year is a great time to plan a getaway: days are longer and warmer, the most popular travel destinations are not that crowded, and you can take advantage of some travel deals that are unavailable when the high season kicks in. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and need some inspiration for a wonderful vacation, go on reading to read about some great places that are worth visiting in June.

1 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Founded in the early 1600s, Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the United States. Bordered by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it is a great city to visit in June as temperatures are mild during the day and cool through the nights and inviting to take long strolls. You can take a walking tour to learn more about the city, enjoy outdoor music festivals or watch traditional rodeos. Canyon Road is the best place to go shopping and browse the galleries for jewelry, pottery, sculptures, and paintings made by the Native Americans.

Renting a car in Santa Fe can be a great idea as New Mexico has many other beautiful cities nearby that are worth exploring. From jaw-dropping mountain communities to desert towns, New Mexico offers visitors some of the most beautiful scenic views in the United States. Some of the cities worth visiting apart from Santa Fe are Chimayó, Taos, Silver City, Ruidoso or Mesilla to mention a few of them. Those traveling in a budget can save money by purchasing a comprehensive and affordable insurance policy against car rental damage. Here’s a good place to evaluate and understand your options.

Sangre-de-Cristo-Mountains-675x422 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Canyon-Road-675x449 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Chimayó-675x491 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

2 New York City, New York

New York City is fascinating all year round, but June is very likely the best month to do so. Days are warm but not scorching hot, and the good weather invites locals and tourists to enjoy free concerts at Central Park and many other memorable cultural events. Visiting NYC in June also means that plane rates are usually more affordable than in July or August. Once in NYC, get ready to let your jaw drop at the masterpieces displayed at the MET or the MoMA, have a picnic in Central Park, explore the wonders of nature at the American Museum of Natural History, admire the heroes at the 9/11 Memorial or explore the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. With nicer days, visiting the fascinating and varied attractions of the Big Apple is even a more enjoyable plan for all the family.

free-concerts-at-Central-Park-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

American-Museum-of-Natural-History-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

9-11-Memorial-Museum-675x540 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Air-Space-Museum-675x452 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

3 Rwanda

Those with a deep love for nature and wildlife and higher budget can consider Rwanda, a tiny and super fascinating African country world known for being the place where to track mountain gorillas through steamy bamboo forests. Despite its tremendous past, this Eastern African country is now one of the friendliest and most forward-thinking travel destinations in the world. June is the best month for trekking through the jungle as the climate is cooler and drier. There are many professional tours devoted to helping tourists track groups of silverback gorillas in the most respectful way for these gentle and intelligent giants. Rwanda invites you as well to enjoy remarkably close wildlife encounters to witness some of the most incredible landscapes on the continent. It’s a destination that will create unforgettable and cherishable memories for you. You can’t miss the Rwandan Genocide Museum as well; it’s a remarkable and moving experience.

landscapes-in-Rwanda.-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

gorilla-through-steamy-bamboo-forests-675x380 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

landscapes-in-Rwanda-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Rwandan-Genocide-Museum-in-Rwanda-675x445 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

4 Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, in Peru, is a popular travel destination that seduces visitors with the right combination between a fascinating history and stunning natural scenery. Set among the clouds, up high in the Peruvian Andes mountains, this ancient Inca city is inspiring. June marks the beginning of winter in the southern atmosphere, but it’s a good time to visit Machu Picchu anyway, especially as it is off the peak season and the weather is still dry. You can start your journey in Lima, Peru’s vibrant capital city or Cusco _ known for its Incan archaeological remains and Spanish colonial architecture _. There’s a luxurious hotel next to Machu Picchu that offers not only super comfortable accommodation but also great tours with expert guides that take you through Machu Picchu.

Machu-Picchu-in-Peru-675x409 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Lima-coast-in-Peru-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Lima-Best-City-in-Peru-675x451 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

luxurious-hotel-next-to-Machu-Picchu-675x438 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

5 London, UK

London, just as New York City, is worth visiting any time of the year, but June usually welcomes visitors with nice weather, not the typical foggy and rainy days that we tend to associate with England’s capital. You may have the chance to enjoy the large parade known as Trooping the Colour that is held in honor of Her Majesty the Queen of England, who celebrates her official birthday. It’s also an enjoyable moment to enjoy the beautiful and large green areas that London has to offer. Take advantage of the sunny weather and take a stroll along Hyde Park or St. James Park!

 The popular attractions that you may have planned to visit and explore during your stay in London are also open and waiting for you. Here are some of them: The beautiful Queen’s House, Kensington Palace, the stunning Buckingham Palace, the impressive Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and its dome, The Tower of London, the Tower Bridge or the Jewel Tower. Visiting museums in London is a must. Make sure you have a couple of hours to explore and admire at least some of the stunning works of art and artifacts of all times that are present in the British Museum. Admire beautiful paintings at the Tate Gallery, enjoy exploring the impressive Natural History Museum, visit the National Gallery or the Science Museum or the underrated and less known Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology.

the-large-parade-known-as-Trooping-675x380 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Hyde-Park-in-London-675x395 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

St.-James-Park-in-London-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Kensington-Palace-675x380 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Buckingham-Palace-675x380 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Petrie-Museum-in-London-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

6 Paris, France

The City of Light draws millions of visitors every year. It’s interesting, charming, romantic and welcomes visitors with an unforgettable ambiance. World-class museums, divine cuisine, vast art collections, centuries-old churches and blocks of beautiful design architecture make Paris a beautiful tourist destination in June when days are warmer, sunnier and the city is more lively and enjoyable than ever. The River Seine rambles through the city bordered by cobbled streets and crossed by graceful bridges are much more welcoming in the sixth month of the year. After taking a stroll and admiring the paintings from the bouquinistes by the river, why don’t you enjoy a comforting coffee in any of the many Parisian cafés as you watch people going by? For a more luxurious experience, nothing can be more charming than walking along Champs Elysées, one of the most beautiful and famous avenues in the world.

Visit the lovely Musée d’Orsay and its stunning collection of Impressionist and Post Impressionist masterpieces, admire the varied selections and artifacts at the Louvre Museum and take some time to visit the Rodin Museum or the Cluny Museum, with beautiful paintings, engravings, and sculptures. And if you admire Monet, please don’t miss the Orangerie Museum! Nothing can be more beautiful than admiring the stunning panoramic views of Paris from the Tour Eiffel in June! And what about seeing the city from Sacre Coeur Basilica and walking through the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre surrounding it?

Paris is also famous for its old and impressive churches. Here are only some of the many churches that are worth a visit: Notre Dame de Paris (now closed to the public as it recently suffered a severe fire), the beautiful Sainte Chapelle (that was built by Saint-Louis to receive the crown of thorns and a piece of the real Cross), La Madelaine or St Germain des Pres.

The-River-Seine-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

The-Bouquinistes-of-Paris-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Champs-Elysées-in-France-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-louvre-museum-paris-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-Cluny-Museum-in-paris-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Musée-d’Orsay-in-Paris-France-675x900 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Sainte-Chapelle-in-paris-675x378 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

La-Madeleine-in-paris-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

7 Moscow, Russia

Moscow, the Russian capital, is an attractive destination for travelers heading off in June mostly because it is then that temperatures are not cold. The Kremlin, the gorgeous St Basil’s Cathedral or the magnificent Red Square are iconic landmarks and natural hotspots for those visiting Moscow for the first time. You are going to take lots of pictures of them from every possible angle! But Moscow has many more things to offer that are offer overlooked by tourists only focused on the few must-see attractions of the city. For instance, history lovers can enjoy booking a tour of one of the city’s Cold War-era bunkers that are located deep below street level. It’s great for adventure lovers and thrill seekers. In those times, the Bunker 42 was fully equipped with everything needed for a nuclear attack and could be the home of 30000 people for 90 days! One entrance to the bunker even leads to the Taganskaya metro station!

And talking about metro stations, Moscow is famous for having some of the most beautifully designed and stunningly decorated metro stations in the world. Large and impressive, they are considered by many as underground museums. Some of the most beautiful ones are Arbatskaya, Avtovo, Kiyevskaya, Novoslobodskaya, and Taganskaya. Museums in  Moscow are also quite impressive. Whether they are dedicated to art, the wealthy Russian history or their exciting space exploration, you should allow some time to visit them and discover their collections.

Apart from The Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral, The State Tretyakov Gallery is home to the world’s largest collection of Russian art. The Armoury and its collection of crown jewels as many royal carriages, a pair of Peter the Great’s boots, and a throne lavished with 800 diamonds! The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Catherine the Great. The Museum of Cosmonautics is devoted to space exploration, and it is a great place to learn about the Soviet Space program and includes exhibitions related to Yuri Gagarin, Soyuz and many others. While you tour the Red Square, take your time to explore the State Historical Museum; it houses millions of artifacts that range from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the modern age. Its archaeological collection is stunning, and there are also rare medieval scrolls and manuscripts.

The-Kremlin-Moscow-Russia-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

St-Basil’s-Cathedral-Moscow-Russia-675x493 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Red-Square-Russia-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Novoslobodskaya-metro-station-in-Moscow-Russia-2-675x380 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Arbatskaya-metro-station-in-Moscow-Russia-675x506 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-Armoury-in-Moscow-Russia-675x507 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-Armoury-treasures-in-Moscow-Russia-675x506 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

8 Jordan

Jordan may not be the first country that comes to your mind as you evaluate travel destinations for June, but it’s worth considering even for family plans. Jordan seduces travelers with an interesting combination of ancient cities, delicious food, fascinating desert landscapes, and unique experiences. You can’t miss taking a day trip to explore Petra, also known as “The Lost City.” Petra, filled with intricately carved rock facades. Amman, Jordan’s capital, is also beautiful, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. The Amman Citadel, located on the highest hill of the city, offers bewitching views of the city below. On the site, you can’t miss the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace, and a Byzantine Church.

Jabal Amman, one of the oldest inhabited mountains, is a center of arts and culture and it is worth visiting. If you’re looking for something to eat or if you want to visit any of the many coffee shops in Amman, explore the beautiful cobbled Rainbow Street. The Grand Husseini Mosque, located downtown, is an exciting place to visit. There’s a market right behind it, and you are suggested to explore it. Downtown itself is worth exploring as it is bursting with shops and markets that sell almost everything. Take your time to explore the main six streets of the area (King Talal, Al-Salt, Prince Mohammad, Quraysh, Basman, and Al-Hashemi) as each of them has their specialty regarding goods for sale. The Jordan Museum is the country’s largest museum, and it is home of the most important archaeological findings in Jordan. You may also find intriguing to visit the Mosque, Abu Darwish and King Hussein Mosque as they are beautiful and stunningly decorated. Let the Dead Sea amuse you as you float in it even if you don’t know how to swim. It’s full of minerals and healing properties! And if you’re into diving and snorkeling, the Red Sea is your place to go.

The-Amman-Citadel-in-Jordan-675x448 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Jabal-Amman-in-Jordan-675x445 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

Byzantine-Church-in-Jordan-675x506 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

he-Grand-Husseini-Mosque-in-Jordan-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

King-Hussein-Mosque-in-Jordan-675x485 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-Mosque-Abu-Darwish-in-Jordan-675x452 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

The-Jordan-Museum-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-Umayyad-Palace-in-Jordan-675x450 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

the-beautiful-cobbled-Rainbow-Street-in-Jordan-675x506 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

diving-and-snorkeling-the-Red-Sea-in-Jordan-675x506 8 Best Travel Destinations in June

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