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79+ Insanely Stunning Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

You can decorate your wedding tables in different ways. By using soft fabrics in any color you like to cover wedding tables, you can surely increase the elegance of these tables. By putting lights like string lights under wedding tables, you can make them more and more stunning. But all of these creative ideas are not enough to make your wedding tables catchy. There is another thing that you still need to make the tables more impressive for your guests. You need to decorate the surface of wedding tables and the only items that can help you get what you want are the centerpieces. Wedding centerpieces are the most important items you need on your wedding tables for decoration. They do not only decorate the center of the tables. They have a great effect on the whole wedding reception. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the wedding centerpieces you select. Do you need a few ideas that can help you get inspired? Here are insanely stunning wedding centerpiece ideas to choose the most impressive wedding centerpieces that suit your taste and budget as well.

♦ Lantern wedding centerpieces

Most of the wedding centerpieces tend to be floral, but this does not mean that all the wedding centerpieces are the same. There are those lantern wedding centerpieces that can be found in different creative designs. Lanterns are usually used in wedding decoration since they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. For this reason, lanterns are among the most popular wedding centerpieces. They are available in various designs and materials in order not to look boring and to meet different tastes. Lanterns can be used alone as decorative pieces without having anything inside. You can put candles inside lanterns or even flowers for more elegance. To increase the beauty of wedding lanterns, put flowers, petals, or small candle holders around them.

♦ Pumpkin wedding centerpieces

Are you looking for easy wedding centerpiece ideas that you can make on your own without the need to spend a lot of money or exert a huge effort? What do you think of those pumpkin wedding centerpieces? Pumpkin wedding centerpieces are among the lovely wedding centerpiece ideas that you can find. They can be easily created as all what you need to do is to cut the top of the pumpkins you have to turn them into vases or candle holders.

Pumpkins are perfect as fall wedding centerpieces. You can leave the color of the pumpkins the same as it is without being changed. If you want to make your pumpkins more amazing, change the color to select the white color or any other color you like and suits your wedding theme. Pumpkins can be used as decorative pieces without flowers or candles, and in this case you will not need to cut them. Adding glitter to pumpkins will make them more impressive.

♦ Non-traditional wedding vases

Do you want affordable wedding centerpiece ideas that do not cost a lot of money? Here you can find what you are looking for. There are different items we already have at our homes and we usually throw them because we no longer need them such as wine bottles, tea tins, old tea cups, and more. Why to throw these simple things while you can turn them into stunning centerpieces for decorating wedding tables?

You can use teapots, cups, tea tins, metal cans, wine bottles, wine glasses, light bulbs, mason jars, birdcages, and wood to create elegant wedding vases that are more than impressive. To increase the beauty of your wedding vases and make them dazzling for your guests, you can add glitter, ribbons, or sequins for a shiny look. You can use tree stumps as bases for these wedding centerpieces. So what do you think of these amazing, unique, and affordable wedding centerpieces?

♦ Candle wedding centerpieces

Is there anyone who does not adore candles with their breathtaking beauty? Candles are known for their unique ability to add a romantic atmosphere to any place they are used in thanks to their soft light that can also help you to relax. For this reason, candles are used for decorating wedding tables in different ways. You can use candles alone and put them on tree stumps or use candle holders for a catchier look.

Wineglasses and bottles can be used as candle holders and they are very popular especially at indoor weddings. There are also those floating candles that are known to be the most amazing. This is because that kind of centerpieces is presented with flowers, water beads, or petals submerged in water and topped with floating candles to finally give us fabulous wedding centerpieces.

♦ Suspended wedding centerpieces

Using wedding centerpieces is not limited to tables. You can also find them over tables through using what is called suspended wedding centerpieces. By hanging flowers, wreaths, or potted plants from the ceiling like pendant lights and chandeliers, you can decorate both the ceiling and wedding tables. Suspended wedding centerpieces are perfect for you if your wedding tables are small or you want to save more space on those tables.

♦ Branch wedding centerpieces

Whether they are small or large branches, you can use them for decorating wedding tables by turning them into catchy wedding centerpieces. To decorate the branches and give them a stunning look, you can add silver paint, glitter, or gold paint. Through hanging flowers, candles, or crystals from the branches, you will surely get dazzling wedding centerpieces that are not expensive and can leave your guests completely stunned.

♦ Single flower wedding centerpieces

Why to purchase too many flowers for decorating your wedding tables while you can use just one flower for each table? Flowers are among the most essential items that are used for decorating both indoor and outdoor weddings. They have the ability to add a touch of beauty to any place they are used in. Instead of using many flowers and spending a lot of money, you can put just one flower on each wedding table as a simple and unique wedding centerpiece. Because using a single flower does not require those large vases, you can use thin vases, glass bottles, or even candle holders for your flowers. Flowers can be used alone or surrounded by small candle holders and petals for a catchier look. You can also submerge your flowers with water beads in water and top them with floating candles for more elegance.

♦ Tall wedding centerpieces

Those short wedding centerpieces are catchy and can help in increasing the beauty of wedding tables. But tall wedding centerpieces are more impressive since they are larger in size and have the ability to attract more attention. For this reason, there are many people who like using tall wedding centerpieces. By using tall vases, candle holders, giant wine glasses, or branches, you can get the tall wedding centerpieces you want. Most of the tall wedding centerpieces tend to be floral and they are surrounded by candles or decorated through hanging crystals, flowers, or pearls to look like chandeliers.

♦ Other stunning wedding centerpieces

There are other fabulous wedding centerpiece ideas that can help you get inspired to make your wedding reception more than impressive for your guests. You can find floral wedding centerpieces that are the most common, succulent wedding centerpieces, peacock wedding centerpieces, moss wedding centerpieces, floral garland wedding centerpieces for long tables, driftwood wedding centerpieces, birdcage wedding centerpieces, hot air balloon wedding centerpieces, cactus wedding centerpieces, rustic wedding centerpieces, picture frame wedding centerpieces, moss vase centerpieces, and glittery centerpieces.