78+ Heart-touching Photos of Mothers and Their Babies

If you want to talk about the endless and unconditional love on our planet, then you have to mention mothers. This is because they are the only persons on Earth who are ready and have the ability to offer this kind of love without complaining or waiting for anything in return from their children or any other person in this world. They are ready to sacrifice everything they have even their lives for the sake of their children. When there is danger, disaster, or any other problem the mother may face in her life with her children, she insists on protecting her children. She does not escape and abandon her children to save her life. She sacrifices her life to save her children. Motherhood can be found among both humans and animals alike and is not limited to humans just because they can understand what happens around them and can realize the role of being a mother. You can also find animals and birds fighting for protecting their babies or young animals from any danger. Because mothers are really unique persons who deserve to be appreciated for the great role they play in the lives of their children and their influence in society, Mother’s Day comes every year to honor motherhood and all mothers around the world.

Mother’s Day is one of the celebrations that are held every year to honor family members as there is also Father’s Day, Parents’ Day, Grandparents Day, and Siblings Day. It is annually celebrated in almost all the countries around the world. However, the celebration is not held on the same day. The day of celebration varies from one country to another. Mother’s Day is commonly celebrated in the months of March and May every year with the coming of spring. In the United States, Mother’s Day is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the United States dates back to the 20th century and it was celebrated for the first time in 1908. Mother’s Day is not one of the celebrations held in different countries around the world over thousands of years such as the Christian Mothering Sunday celebration, the Roman festival of Hilaria and much more. It is a modern holiday that was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis, who is the founder of the Mother’s Day holiday in the United States.

Anna Jarvis wanted to make Mother’s Day a holiday in the United States to honor her mother and all mothers who have done more for their children than any other one in this world. For this reason, she started her campaign in 1905, the same year her mother died. In 1908 and at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother to be the first time to celebrate Mother’s Day. In 1914, Mother’s Day was designated by Woodrow Wilson as a national holiday to honor mothers in the United States.

Anna Jarvis was the founder of the Mother’s Day holiday in the United States, was also the first one to celebrate Mother’s Day to honor her mother, and exerted a huge effort for years to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday in the United States. However, she was the first one to organize boycotts of Mother’s Day when people started to celebrate it. This is because many companies started to take advantage of this occasion or celebration to make money and increase profits by selling Mother’s Day cards and gifts.

Commercializing Mother’s Day and turning the emphasis of the holiday from being on sentiment and showing real love and appreciation of what mothers do to profit and making money by many companies forced Anna Jarvis to boycott Mother’s Day. She believed that people should honor their mothers, show their appreciation, and express how much they love their mothers through presenting different items they make on their own such as handwritten letters and handmade cards and gifts instead of purchasing those pre-made cards and gifts.

Whether you are going to purchase a pre-made card or gift for your mother or will make a personalized gift for her on your own to be more impressive, you have to always know that your mother is the only one in this world who has done more for you than anyone. So, the simplest thing to do is to appreciate what she does for you and to show this appreciation and love through a nice gift or even nice words not just once a year, but every day because she really deserves more than that.