7 WOD Performance Activators

1- The Crossfit community is so brilliant at supporting each other, but there are a lot of misinformation about the nutrition and other thing you must focus on.


2- There are 7 WOD Performance Activator which work brilliantly together and give you more and good results:

• The first WOD Performance Activator is “drinking caffeine after your workout”. As when you do this you increase the high levels of Cortisol in your body which is a stress hormone that increase body fats and reverse all of the good things you did to your body by exercising as if you didn’t do anything. In another meaning start from scratch.

• The second one is “sort out and repair your gut, absorb the food you put into your body”. The wise here not in the quantity of your organic foods, but in the ability of your stomach absorption. If you can’t absorb the food, you’re throwing money away. Make a plan for what you’ll be eat every day.

• The third one is “balance your food”. Eat more green foods, smoothies, side salad at each meal to achieve the balance between the alkaline and the acidic foods. Your body needs this mixture to perform its vital processes.

• The fourth one is “keep your Hydration Level in its perfect condition”. The more you drink water the harder and longer you can train.

• The fifth one is “be optimistic and get rid of the stress”. Do relaxing activities like Yoga that affect our hormones in a positive way providing balance and reducing Cortisol.

• The sixth one is “consume in your meals 2 wonderful oils the first one is the olive oil and the second one is the coconut oil”. As the coconut oil improve Immune system, decrease cholesterol, increase fat loss and glow your skin.

• The last one is “keep on your blood sugar level”. Stay away from eating snacks and junk food that give you more sugar. Plan well for your meals and prepare well for them.


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