7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

Spring and summer vibes promote us to make pleasant changes. One of the things that prove your love for spring-summer spirit is the colorful decorations you can create yourself for your front door such as wreaths. Here are some DIY decoration ideas to inspire you.

7  Straw tote with flowers 

Of course, we all have that common old Mexican straw hat we have won once at a Taco restaurant, a straw basket or bag that we do not need or use anymore. Instead of throwing your old straw hats or bags away, you can take advantage of them and create a tote in which you can put flowers and hang it on your front door. Remember spring is all about roses and daisies, and summer is about the bright eye-catching colors. So, the front decoration will combine the two elements. Just keep in mind keeping it casual and fresh to harmonize with the summer-spring spirit.

straw-tote-with-flowers-2-675x646 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

straw-tote-with-flowers-675x900 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

6  Watering can be filled with flowers 

If you rummage through your old rusty gardening tools that are not used any longer, you will definitely take out an old rusty watering can that does not look fashionable. No need to throw it out away; it can be used to adorn your front door in hopes of welcoming the summer with garden-themed decorations. Furthermore, if you have Easter colored eggs your Easter Bunny has left, grace your filled-with-flowers watering can with them and attach a pink ribbon to the flowers, make sure you have the outer crack, so it does not bring an unpleasant odor.

Watering-can-with-flowers-front-door-decoration-1 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

Watering-can-with-flowers-front-door-decoration-2-675x900 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

5  Fill an umbrella with flowers 

Umbrellas are not used much in the spring and summer unless you dislike getting sunkissed and would try to protect your face from the burning sun. If not, you can use a colorful umbrella as a vase. All you need to do is to turn the umbrella upside down put the flowers in it and furl it once again. Then, tie a velvet ribbon around the umbrella. Make sure the colors are pleasant.

umbrella-with-flowers-675x1013 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

umbrella-wreath-DIY-675x923 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

4  Garden hose 

If you have a neat garden hose, you can simply curl it up in a pile, then, as we mentioned, tie flowers and roses to it using a colorful ribbon. However, stay away from dull-colored garden hoses, which means avoid black and gray ones, and opt for bright colors as purple, green, yellow. Then attach your work of art to the upper section of your front door!

Garden-hose-wreath-2 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

Garden-hose-wreath-675x504 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

3  Patriotic Wreath 

What is the best day in the summer? Yep, it is the fourth of July. Show your gratefulness and patriotism to America and create the 4th of July burlap wreath. It is seemingly made with blue star burlap, natural burlap, and red striped burlap. Do these colors sound familiar? It measures nearly 21 inches in diameter. You can cover a small dorm wreath foam with the three different burlaps and glue them to it. Nevertheless, if you are not a DIY fan, you can purchase it at for only $45.

brulap-wreath 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

2  Lace scrap and flowers Wreath 

Vidya from What’s Your Home Story presents a pleasant form of wreaths for the summer-spring vibes. She suggests gluing on end of a vintage lace to the underside of a wreath foam using your hot glue gun. She also has the solution if your scrap is not long enough to cover all the wreath as she writes, “If your scrap is not long enough just end it on the back of the foam and start with a new piece.” You can use different scraps as well. then glue the felt flowers on a cutout poster, but make the cutout invisible. Then tie the cut out to the wreath foam and add fake green leaves on both sides. You can view Vidya’s wreath here.

lace-wreath-675x899 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

1  Rain Boots 

After having umbrellas and straw baskets filled with flowers, it would not be a shock to let rainboots join them on the list. At first, attach a grommet on the back of each rainboot, then put a cylinder vase inside each boot to put the flowers into them. You can also tie a burlap ribbon around the grommet. Then, you can finally place your fresh daisies into the rainboots!

frosty_blue_wooden_door-white_jasmine_flower-burlap_decoration-675x1072 7 Vibrant Front Door Decorations for Summer 2020

Remember to keep the wreaths in an area out of direct sunlight, so the colors maintain their brightness and do not fade, and we suggest you use protection sprays.

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