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7 Top Upcoming Christmas Decoration Ideas 2018

Jingle Bell Rock. Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring. Yeah, Christmas is on the way. Count the days till we meet the day we all wait for; the day when you gather with family and friends next to the fireplace and tell stories, exchange presents and clean the chimney for Mr. Santa. Whether you tend to decorate your school, workplace, bedroom, house or garden, you will always rummage for outstanding pictures and crazy ideas to celebrate your favorite time of the year. Following are some decoration ideas for Christmas 2017.

7  Kraft Paper Tree 

Are you thinking about standing out from the crowd and decorating an extremely bizarre Christmas tree? Okay! At first, you do not need to purchase a Christmas tree. Yes, believe me; you don’t. You can draw one on the wall then add the balls, star and all the Christmas tree decoration you would like to your extraordinarily designed tree.

6  Shrunken Sweater Snowmen 

If you have a white sweater that has shrunken and you will not be able to flaunt it anymore, cut off its sleeves and make it your Olaf! Who doesn’t love having a snowman which you can set on your bedside table? Just ties one end of a sleeve. Fill the sleeve with rice then tie the other end tightly. Use a ribbon to create the head and body of the snowman. Attach two small buttons to create the eyes.

5  TP Rolls into Tree Toppers 

Do you want to create an itsy-bitsy, cute Santa for your kids? All you have to do is to bring old toilet tube and stuck it between these two CD-shaped pieces of carton. Wrap the tube with red cloth and let them stick together, using hot glue. Moreover, add a popsicle stick inside to keep everything together. Trim a triangle using the red cloth you used and stitch the ends in order to design Santa’s hat. Trim a semi-circle shape, in other words, Santa’s face, and glue it on the body. Furthermore, pom poms would make cute eyes and nose and cotton would be the perfect touch to make old Santa’s beard.

4  A Toy Soldier from Last Season’s Flower Pots 

Get five clay pots of the same size, paint, epoxy, and glue to create guarding soldiers to keep an eye on your door. A sharpie marker would be essential to create the eyes and eyebrows. Sharpie markers are more convenient that paint when it comes to creating the eyes and the brows. The accessories would add the perfect touch to finish up your masterpiece. Here you can take on gold ribbons and hats on your toy soldier to add the golden touch.

3  The Keg tree 

All you need to get is six kegs. Set three kegs for the base of the tree. Then, you can tack on two others to make the tree go taller. Top your keg tree with one more keg to make sure that the last finish is put. And here you have an easy-to-create keg tree wrapped in a bundle of Christmas light.

A barrel Christmas tree looks fantastic too!

2  The rubber gloves tree 

This is a tree you can find on a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Apparently, you could buy a box of rubber gloves of various hues. Blow up the rubber gloves. Put a box as a base for the tree that attaches a stick to it vertically. Then attach some of the blown up rubber gloves and Christmas balls to it.

1  Zombie Ornaments 

Ginger cookies are a trademark of Christmas. You do not want Santa to come all this distance and leave you presents with nothing in return! Of course, Santa does not wait for anything, but we are going to give him his treat. Make ginger cookies and place Zombie ornaments and a list of your politely-written requests, starting with Dear Santa on the top of the list. It would be bizarre to witness the fusion of the Christmas spirit and Halloween spirit, but it is worth trying.

If you are a fan of the regular Christmas tree, it is fine. However, if you tend to try new ideas and explore the world of Christmas decoration, then share with us the most compelling idea that you wish to implement the coming Christmas.