8 Tips On How To Take Full Care Of Your Hair

All of us want to know some easy ways and tips on how to take care of our hair at home to get a beautiful hair. Here are some easy steps which you should follow to keep your hair looks good and beautiful.

1. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo: it is better to wash your hair at least two times a week with a shampoo of natural cleansers and try to avoid shampoos which contain any chemicals as it could harm your hair. Softening hair is good for the curly hair, gentle shampoo for the straight or oily hair, shampoos which contain amino-acids for those women who have  colored hair or treated hair and shampoos with glycerin and collagen to moisture the dry hair.

hair2 8 Tips On How To Take Full Care Of Your Hair

hair4 8 Tips On How To Take Full Care Of Your Hair

2. Use a Laser Cap To Control Thinning / Hair Loss: Technology has come a long way in recent years. As crazy as it sounds.. the FDA has now cleared technology to help stop hair loss and promote hair growth. These nifty gadgets are called laser caps. They use safe (non hot) low level lasers to stimulate healthy follicles and stop hair loss as we age. Pretty cool right?? Don’t believe me, give them a google today and you’ll be surprised. One of the leading companies is Kiierr Laser Caps.

3. Use a suitable conditioner according to your hair type, damage and length: after washing your hair with shampoo, put the conditioner all over your head and let it stay for 2-3 minutes.

4. Try not to brush your hair too much: it is a harmful habit to brush your hair too much as it can pull hairs from the follicles, create split-ends and create irritation.

5. Let your hair dry naturally: after taking your shower, squeeze your hair gently into the towel. Try to avoid using a blow-drier as it may harm or damage your hair and if necessary, you can use it on the lowest temperature once a week.

6. Trim your hair regularly every 6-8 weeks: trim about 1/4 inch above the split ends to get a perfect and healthy hair.

hair5 8 Tips On How To Take Full Care Of Your Hair

hair6 8 Tips On How To Take Full Care Of Your Hair

7. Eat healthy food and take a good amount of Vitamins: our hair is made of Proteins, so it is very useful to eat things which is rich in Proteins such as vegetables, fruits and the whole grains. Also Vitamin C is very important, besides omega-3 fatty acids, iron and zinc.

8. Do not let stress overcome you: stress is very dangerous and it may lead to hair loss, so it is better to overcome stress by meditation, swimming, cycling, running or doing any exercise.

hair_care 8 Tips On How To Take Full Care Of Your Hair

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