7 Things to Do Before you Leave University

University is a very peculiar stage of life. It is mostly the last educational phase for many before being exposed to job market and individual learning. It has a great space of liberty and lifelong memories. Hence, we should all seize the moment and make the best of it.

Fall asleep in a lecture

If you are a refresher it’s your chance to be familiar with this act. Taking a five or ten minutes nap at a lecture maybe because you didn’t sleep well the previous night or perhaps the lecturer intonation makes you fall asleep. Whatever the reasons are one way or another you will come across this feeling. So enjoy it and be aware of being seen.

Collect over 500 Facebook friends

Making friends as much as you can is vital as well. Those friends are going to be your study days fellows and silly mates simply you are writing your memories with them. Moreover being away from college life after a while will definitely make you lose some friends by time so make many friends while you still can.

Learn a new sport or instrument

College life has many things to be done entitled now or never. Learn a sport or an instrument that you wanted to practice or play for long time but never had the chance or time to do so. Find time for that and never say am too busy, no you are not it is a matter of priorities.

Get early even once

Get early at least once, be the genius, organize your schedule very well and may be for the first time in your academic life stick to it.

Go camping

Never miss that activity, going on brief trips or other extended camps. Camps are where you would build your personality and self-independence.

Write in the university newspaper once at least

Test your writing skills and write in the university newspaper, you may discover Shakespeare in you. Give it a shoot, who knows as it is believed that you never know unless you try.

Go to a live concert

Enjoy the music and pay for your favorite singer or band. Decorate your room with singer and actors posters. Listen to loud music enjoy the moment and celebrate your life.

Indeed, the list goes on really long of activities you shouldn’t miss in college. Days go by pretty fast so try to make the most of it.

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