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7 Stellar Christmas Gifts for Your Woman

A new Christmas is at the door! An amazing thing about Christmas is that its spirit echoes for the whole month. Decembers are radiant of the holiday colors, songs, and joy. Christmases also gather lovers and families around the Christmas tree. Speaking of which, another breaker of the daily life routine is Christmas gifts. Whether you are a boyfriend, husband or father, you look for the gift that brings a sparkle into the eyes of your loved ones; something new and matches their preferences as well. And no doubt that finding a special gift for your lady is not easy, but it feels really good when you finally put your hands on it. The following are a set of suggested gifts for women we carefully prepared for you.

7 Kate Spade pendants

Kate Spade, the renowned fashion design house, presents a dainty collection of pendants that any of them makes a stunning Christmas gift. The collection comprises 12 karat gold necklaces with crystals and glass stones; They are of elegant designs and intimate themes, such as the Sailor’s Knot, State of Mind which decorations reflect different states, and Charm where your lady can attach her favorite charms, whether vintage or new. They also brought back the classical 90s initialing style with their monogrammed pendants.

State of Mind- written on it ‘Good as Gold’
Written on it ‘Empire State of Mind’
Sailor’s Knot

6 Outerwear

It will be a romantically radiant move to present your lady a beautiful outfit to wear when you go out celebrating the holiday, either to a cinema or an outdoor etc. A set of nice dress and jacket is favored by many women for the charming appearance they give. And if your woman still has the child spirit, This Ouges flare dress patterned with Santa in the colors of Christmas, of Amazon Best Sellers, could be a good surprise.

Also, Nic + Zoe cardigans are a good choice. Their cardy collection is stellar. Amazon is offering quite a good sale on them.

5 A set of lazy-chic loungewear

A stylish set of loungewear is a great idea for a Christmas gift. An elegant and comfortable lounge pant with a jacket or cardigan will be a cool surprise to your wife. The Xmas bring relaxation which provides a suitable atmosphere for a lazy-chic touch. Uniqlo‘s fluffy loungewear of soft polyester can be a good choice. And the Cashmere Slippers from Pure Collection would form a strong addition to the set.

4 Birchbox beauty products

Women love beauty products because they help them take care of their bodies and shine. Birchbox, the unique online cosmetics retailer presents verity of luxurious products. Surprising your woman with Birchbox of the Month would definitely please her; the offer comprises samples of deluxe beauty products delivered to your door monthly. This will give her a continuous chance of trying new things. And for the holiday, they prepared the exclusive collection and interesting sale; the set of Lipstick Queen Frog Prince and Hello Sailor Duo looks charming and mysterious; the frog prince is a forest green lipstick and the sailor cobalt blue, but on lips they are pink and plum respectively.

3 A set of good books

If your wife is a reader, she probably welcomes such gifts; all book lovers do. There is a verity of choices; novels and nonfiction books, with different genres in each category. Knowing her preferences, you’ve already made the first step. Classics could be a great Christmas gift and a perfect match for its vintage essence. Among the classic giants are Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Leo Tolstoy, George Orwell, and Ernst Hemingway. If your lady is more into contemporary works, you can check the lists of best books of 2016. Among the best books of 2016, according to the Washington Post, are The Gene and The return, nonfiction, as well as New of the World and Swing Time novels. Also, check the bookshops’ collections and offers for Christmas. They provide signed editions too.

2 Polaroid’s mini printer of mobile photos

With a portable printer, your wife will have her favorite smartphone snaps instantly printed whenever and wherever she wants. Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer develop photos from mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth or NFC in less than 60 seconds. If she doesn’t have one, probably she will be happy to receive it as a Christmas gift. And after all, holidays are the times when flashes bright up everywhere.

1 Jupiter tealights

Jayson Home’s Jupiter Votives are a perfect match for a woman with an ethereal taste. The tealights provide a stellar illumination when lit from the inside. The starry effect is caused by variously sized perforations on the round metallic holders.