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7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

Usually, most of the haircuts for men demand short hair. Rarely do we find a specific haircut with different types and looks that will demand longer hair. The Shaggy hairstyle mainly demands longer hair although men with relatively shorter hair can nail it as well. Mainly, it requires thick hair. However, it does not matter whether the hair is straight or wavy; there is a handful of haircuts that can be worn with different types of hair. All you have to do is to opt for the look that suits your face shapes and hair nature. Following are seven Shaggy hairstyles for men.

1 Wavy and Layered

If you are graced with natural silky wavy hair, then Wavy and Layered haircut will be the best option for you. All you have to do is to keep your hair relatively long, then cut it so it can be layered enough for the haircut. Then, leave it hanging loose. You can see the actor Travis Van Winkle has nailed the look multiple times.

shaggy-hairstyle-men-Travis-Van-Winkle-675x868 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

Mens-Long-shaggy-Haircut-675x562 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

2 Straight n’ Shaggy

Not only men with wavy hair have the right to nail the shaggy hairstyle and look flawless wearing it. Whether your hair is naturally straight and soft or it has turned so as an output of your constant attempts to straighten it, the Straight n’ Shaggy was pulled off by a handful of celebrities like Joe Jonas in his Disney days. We can safely admit that the look has been present in the scene for a long time. Men are unlikely to pull it off in the recent time. However, some guys would not bat an eye, and will just do whatever they want, giving their back to anything that contradicts their desires.

shaggy-mens-hairstyles-Joe-Jonas-675x690 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

Straight-n-Shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-675x892 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

3 Off the Face Shaggy

Some men love following fashion and whatever suits them in Vogue. However, it is essential for them to add slight, efficient touch-ups. It has been deep-rooted that shaggy haircuts feature long bangs and fringes. However, who said you could not maintain the haircut without off-the-face bangs. English rugby player Matthew Tate nailed the haircut and had proven that it is possible to add touch up; there are no rules to be violated.

Shaggy-mens-hairstyles 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

long-shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-675x757 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

4 Classic ’60s Shaggy

As the 1960s came forth, several concepts of unisex style emerged to cope up with the revolutionary ideas that came into view in the ’60s and the ’70s of the previous century. The ’60s look is more refined and shiny than the ’70s look. Men ought to let their hair grow naturally and to cut it into layers. Then, let them hang loose without applying wax or hair conditioners. It stemmed from ideas generated by hipsters who came onto the scene in this period.

Classic-60s-Shaggy-hairstyle-for-men 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

Classic-60s-Shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-2-675x853 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

5 Rock ‘n Roll

All Rock ‘n Roll fans out there!Assemble! You are surely going to love such style; it beams off all the vibes surrounded such dark music genre. It has always had its unique style that resembles no other. If your hair is straight and long, the Rock ‘n Roll would be a perfect option for you.

Rock-n-Roll-shag-hairstyle-for-men-675x831 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

Rock-n-Roll-shag-hairstyle-Brad-Pitt-675x443 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

6 A Mop Style

The Mop style deliberately shows the thickness of a guy’s hair. If you are blessed with thick and straight, long hair, the Mop Haircut will be the best choice for you. However, we have to acknowledge that this haircut was long gone. Moreover, rarely do we find men nailing the look although it was sweeping fashion magazines in the late 2000s.

shaggy-hairstyles-for-men-675x811 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

shaggy-hairstyle-for-men 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

7 Long on the Top

Long on the Top haircuts always suit men with oval faces; they are just meant to be for them. All you have to do is keep your sides relatively shorter hair and keep your hair longer on the top. However, this is a shaggy hairstyle. In other words, do not expect to wear the Quiff or the Pompadour; your fringe should be swept to the side, but not as a combover. Finally, let your locks hang loose and do not try to make it utterly formal; it is ore of a street look that suit offices as well.

shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-2-675x900 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-3-675x851 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]

If you are blessed with thick hair, the shaggy hairstyle will complement your precious locks. Opt for a haircut that beams off of your personality. Tell us which haircut you will opt for in the comment section down below.

 7 Shaggy Hairstyles For Men [2018 Trends]
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