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7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

As a business owner, you must have faced the question, ‘how to promote my business?’ There must have been moments when you thought about which option to choose – the conventional billboards and flyers or the new age giant screens. Then there is the question of the placement to consider. Most importantly, you have had to make sure that there is enough budget to continue your promotional activities while running the business activities simultaneously.

More often than not, business owners, especially those with start-ups or small businesses, settle for conventional static billboards after deeming modern digital signage too expensive for the time being. However, truly speaking digital signage is no longer a choice for businesses, irrespective of their sizes. They have become necessities for those who want to increase their customer loyalty and grow their businesses.

It might be so that you have not thought about promotion through digital screens yet or are just contemplating whether it will be a profitable investment. If so, take a look at some statistics before you make a decision.

Some data about digital signage to take a look at

Digital signage has grown in popularity immensely in the last couple of years. More and more businesses are now considering it to be the best way to communicate and connect with their audiences. Customer recall is improved considerably with the use of digital signage. Various researches and surveys conducted in this regard have revealed that more than 75 % of consumers like watching advertisements on digital signs. In fact, they feel drawn to watch digital signage programs. Consumers were asked if they find digital signs and the programs displayed on them entertaining and more than 60 % answered in the affirmative.

The data does not end there! 40 % consumers admitted that they prefer places that use digital signage over places that don’t because it makes the shopping process much simpler and faster. The unaided brand recall is what every business dreams of and digital signs make it possible. More than 45 % consumers were able to remember some ad or the other and distinctly remember which companies they were for. When asked if they could remember some of the ads they had seen on TV the same day, most consumers could not while they could still remember some advertisements they had viewed on giant display screens. Digital signs persuade around 30 % of viewers to make an in-store purchase. Many stores have admitted that their sales increased from by at least 15 % to even 60 % after they implemented digital signage based promotions inside and outside their stores. Businesses also report that these signs help them to increase customer loyalty.

Global-digital-signage-market-value-in-billions-675x417 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

Now, here are 7 reasons why digital signage help businesses to get more customers.

1 Small Budget

Digital signage empowers you to keep up a little-spending plan for limited time exercises; no printing and reproducing flyers and painting announcements again and again! It additionally enables you to refresh the content effectively over different areas at the same time if necessary.

digital-signage-2-675x506 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

digital-signage-4-675x380 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

2 Information in Limited Spaces

Digital signage empowers you to give a considerable measure of data to your intended interest group in a ‘restricted’ space as the substance is dynamic. It likewise helps you give data and amusement to your customers in the meantime through a similar stage.

combination-of-TV-and-digital-signage-675x420 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

digital-signage-3-675x524 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

3 Popularity

Helping you pick up fame on the web, particularly on informal communication channels by coordinating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in your advanced substance. Additionally Attracting consideration of occupied bystander’s and those holding up at movement flags or long lines.

digital-signage-social-media-counter 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

4 Use Digital Signage to advise offers

You can utilize advanced signage to advise clients at your store about offers, rebates, and endowments. Request that they label you in their social posts and utilize a hashtag that you have made. Top ten clients who influence clever presents on will be qualified for a blessing. Along these lines, you will increase dynamic shoppers and also increment your business’ span via web-based networking media.

digital-signage-advices-customer-about-offers-675x535 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

digital-signage-OMD-W-Bankexterior-675x343 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

5 Brand’s Story through Digital Signs

You can utilize advanced signs at your store to recount your brand’s story to your clients. Play representative accounts, behind the scenes films and clients, meets on your screens about overcoming any issues between your staff and clients.

digital-signage-spa-675x543 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

digital-signage-fremont-college-enplug-675x338 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

6 Digital Displays for Training Sessions

Amid off hours, you can utilize the extremely same advanced showcases to hold instructional courses and worker-driven workshops. In the event that you hold compensate sessions for your staff, play film of you recognizing their commitment and offering your thanks on the enormous screens. Your workers will love you for it.

digital-signage-industrial-cargoco-employee-675x349 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers


7 Influencing buying choices of existing and potential shoppers

Setting little-advanced signage shows among your items will help clients to pick the items they want to buy easier. With 72% of buys settled on at the purpose of choice, that last minute before the reach of an item, computerized signage put inside items offers an extraordinary approach to impact the client’s decision of which things to purchase.

digital-signage-eat-web-675x450 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

Digital-Signage-675x560 7 Reasons Digital Signage Gets Your Business More Customers

From the above discussion, it is clear that digital signage can support your business immensely. What you might not have realized yet is that considering all the benefits this medium of advertisements provides, it is very cost effective. In fact, if you take into account the fact that your sales improve drastically after installing digital signage TV inside or outside your store, you may conclude that within a short period, the sign might as well have paid for itself. Moreover, by using digital signs for your business’ promotion, you are taking a step to reduce your carbon footprints. Digital signage is surely a greener initiative as it considerably reduced the need for print materials.

Now, in case you have decided to install digital signs at your business’ premises, you should start with the very best available option. If you can afford them, leverage the power of commercial grade screens for digital signage. Contact a reputed digital signage company in your area today, and explain your criteria to them. Let them suggest a few useful options to you. Finalize the rates and inquire if your business would have to endure any downtime during the installation process. Once everything is set, get ready to enjoy increased conversions and a good return on your investment.

Guest Writer bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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