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7 Most Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Next Renovation

Your bathroom should be your paradise, where you can relax in luxury at the end of a long day. If you have been planning to remodel your place of peace for a long time, you should check out these beautiful bathroom design ideas. Explore the full range of colors – from glossy neutrals, pastels to bold and bright, designs and patterns – from traditional, quirky to outright eclectic – this list contains a little of everything. Go ahead and pick the one that is just perfect for your home. Enjoy the spread!

1 The Mural Bathroom

If you have an artistic corner to your soul, why not make your bathroom wall the canvas? Choose anything from nature to artwork to cartoons to abstract to make it in your comfort zone. Add some complimentary lighting and bathroom fittings, and you’re sorted.

2 Colour Everything Blue

Blue is as one of the most calming and soothing colors, and it comes in so many beautiful shades. Add this gorgeous color to your bathroom walls in stripes and polka dots, and add some wooden shelves and stainless steel bathroom fittings to keep it classy. Your color palette includes powder blue, royal blue and teal wallpaper with brass fittings to give your bathroom a majestic look.

3 Patterned Tiles And Painted Floors

If you don’t want to spend too much on a bathroom renovation, you can still refurbish your bathroom by painting your floor a bright color and complimenting it with patterned tiles to add some life and vivacity to the walls. You can also add metallic walls as the light reflection will add brightness to the whole space.

Therefore, your bathroom designs are now sorted, but it’s not the end yet. To make your dreamland useful, here are some great options for thermostatic valves to keep your bathroom functional as well as gorgeous.

4 Add Striking Elements To Your Bathroom

For this look, keep a neutral background color and add some bold-colored decorative pieces and artwork, such as a bright rimmed mirror, geometric tiles, and textured walls. For example, a plain feathered fence can be spiced up with Adriatic Sea hexagonal pipes and gold-plated bathroom fittings to keep the look simple yet classy.

5 Open-air bathrooms

Try this, provided that you have space and inclination for it. Give your plain old bathroom a detox by coloring the walls white and bring in some nature by introducing wicker, natural textiles and pendant lamps at appropriate places. Alternatively, you can create a Zen bathroom by placing green potted plants and religious statues to maintain the calm atmosphere.

6 Mint-green Striped Bathrooms

Mint is such an underrated color, and it’s best for smaller bathrooms where you can’t always experiment very much. A light and versatile color, mint-green opens up space and creates the illusion of freshness and airiness. Combine this with wide horizontal stripes in white that break the monotony. Designer Angela Free believes that lines can bring in pattern and movement to space, and creates a flow without cluttering up space.

7 Sleek Dark-stained Bathrooms

If bright, white or pastel colors are not your pick, you can go for something darker. Look no further than the dark-stained pine bathroom theme combined with pure stainless steel fittings and cabinetry that takes you on a retreat far away from the madding crowd. The furnishings should ideally be in white or pale colors to accentuate the contrast in the picture.