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+7 Exclusive Fashion Tips For Petite Girls in 2018

Whenever we hear or read the word ‘petite’, the picture of a short and slim girl is conjured up in our minds as ‘petite’ means small in French. However, only one part of the definition is true which is relatively short, but, not necessarily slim. There is an abundance of petite girls who are thick or chubby, but they have to be under 5’4 feet or 162 cm.

We have to acknowledge that petite girls sometimes fave obstacles pertaining to fashion whenever they try to opt for clothes in clothing stores. It is also noteworthy that petite girls are quite underrated at fashion shows as all models and supermodels are tall and slim. Rarely do we find a petite model. Thus, we were fortunate to encounter such fashion bloggers who are petite and nail that body and look. They undoubtedly know who to get dressed and to show the attractiveness of that tiny body with Elegant Work Outfit Ideas in 2017

Here, Pouted Magazine refers to these petite fashion bloggers as they open up about these fashion tips for fellow petite girls!

In an interview with InStyle Magazine, Fashion Blogger Kelly Tucker of Alterations Needed answers heaps of questions and gives some words to the wise so petite girls can find clothes that would fit like a glove and complement their looks.

When asked about her most essential shopping advice for tiny girls, she said “Find a tailor in your area who understands your petite needs. It’ll make shopping easier when you know your tailor can work a few miracles for your figure!” She also added that her closet should contain blazers and genuine belts as they add “confidence” and make her look comfortable.

Whenever you check Tucker’s fashion blog Alternation Needed, you will find her flaunting cuffed jeans and definitely blazers that came in different colours and prints, including white, grey and blue.

Blazers help you fake a perfect fit!
So our first tip is to …

1  Cuff Your Blazer and Jeans  
Sometimes the sleeves of your shirt look loose-fitting on you, so wearing POGT Women 3/4 Sleeve Office Blazers would make clothes fit like a glove on you. We, petite girls, sometimes find it hard to stumble upon a pair of jeans which would fit on your legs without facing the problems that they may get too long for your short legs. That is why you need to try Joes Jeans Women’s Skinny Cuffed Jeans as well. Most of the outfits Tucker was flaunting on her blog and Instagram Alternation Needed were cuffed.

In an interview with InStyle Magazine, Kim Lee gives a piece of advice pertaining to shopping to petite followers. “Pay attention to proportion. All retailers list measurements so read those details carefully,” she says.

Moreover, she revealed that a petite girl’s closet should have “Heels, for obvious reasons and ones that match your skin colour to elongate your legs.” She continues, “Maxi skirts that hit the floor when wearing heels and a high-waist skirt, both can make petites appear taller. Lastly, a staple white crop that goes with anything.”

While checking Kim Lee’s Lace and Locks, we found that she also nailed maxi skirts with roomy cuts …

2  Maxi Skirts With Roomy Cuts 
Interestingly, Lee was pictured flaunting a yellow maxi skirt that was voluminous at the bottom. However, we noticed that the skirt was tucked up on top.Moreover, YSJ Womens Long Floral Skirts have roomy cuts that give her much height without the need for heels.

3  Skinny Belts Rather Than Chunky ones  
Fashion Expert Nicky Hambleton Jones reveals that she always prefer skinny belts rather than chunky ones for petite girls. Unfortunately, chunky belts make you look shorter. Unlike Women Metal Fashion Skinny Leather Belt.

4  Always Go For Small Purses 
Imagine when you are already short and petite and wearing a purse that is bigger than you. Of course, over-sized purses were not made for petite ladies; they would dot do you look justice. Sometimes you will fee that the super-sized purse submerses you. Always, opt for a small one, like Phoenix Craft Women’s Leather Purse ,that complements your height.

5  Opt For Long Scarfs 
Winter coming and we assume you started to look for scarfs. While rummaging for one, bear in mind that it should be long enough for it makes you taller. Moreover, do not give in to the long scarfs worn around the neck; they would make your shorter. On the contrary, opt for longer ones worn vertically from Amazon’s Women’s Scarves .

6 Go for Jeans Straight Leg-Jeans  Straight-leg jeans are known of glorifying your short legs and makes your legs look longer. However, try to skip out on ruffles, fuss and chunk belts as we mentioned before; we do not need accessories to disturb the prolific pattern. A word to the wise: always try dark jeans Dark Straight Leg Jeans rather than stonewashed blue jeans.

7  Wear A Pair Shoes and Bottoms of the Same Color  Always opt for heels, ballerina, trainers of one color and match it with your pants of skirts.

Fashion Blogger Jean Wang of Extra Petite finally reveals her shopping tip. “Don’t limit yourself to solely the petite department. Train your eye to look for petite-friendly signs—I’ve found lots of gems in regular sizing,” She told InStyle Magazine. “For instance, go for items that appear to be three-quarter length on models as these often fit well on a smaller frame.”

The Boston-based blogger believes that shoes should match your bottom clothes in colour to forge the height you aspire to have. “Look for shoes in shades of tan or brown similar to your own skin tone, and don’t be afraid to experiment with metallics which can surprisingly function as a neutral,” explains Wang.

We assume fancy brands and modelling agencies started to notice body differences and had to shut down body shaming and to spread awareness among younger girls regarding accepting their own body. So, here you are fashion blogs who have the same body you do and all they did is that they embraced they petiteness and tried to make their outfits and accessories flatter their shapes.

Because your voice matters, tell us in the comment section below about the tip that matters the most for a petite lady!