7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

The sound of the words ‘engagement ring’ always gets us dreamy, and for a very good reason. It’s not just the ultimate icon of love, but also the hope for a bond that’ll stand the test of time.

There’s plenty of prominence riding on this single piece of jewelry, so it is important to pick something that complements your taste and personality. To make the process a tad easier, the leading online jewelry store Angara brings you a list of seven engagement ring trends that are ruling the charts. Take a look.

1 Colored Gemstones

Jewels with lively colors are not just beautiful to look at; they bring along interesting symbolism as well. For instance, an Amethyst is touted as the gem of love and desire, while the Sapphire is believed to represent loyalty, truth, and honesty. An Emerald, on the other hand, is considered the gem of new beginnings as it mirrors the beauty of the spring season.

An engagement ring adorned with a colored gemstone, therefore, is a great choice for those who want a vibrant, contemporary piece that doesn’t compromise on value and meaning.

Pouted_Colored-gemstones-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

2 Oval Diamond

A diamond is stunning, but an oval one has a magnetic allure. This can be attributed to its perfectly elongated round shape that often creates a larger surface area than a round diamond of equal carat weight. Due to this particular feature, an oval diamond exudes the kind of brilliance that can never go unnoticed. So, if a heady blend of sophistication and sheer luster is what you want, then go for a piece embellished with an oval diamond.

Pouted_Oval-Diamond-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

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3 East-West Setting

A simple twist in the placement of the stone can create an eye-catching look. This is exactly what you get with the east-west setting. The gem is set horizontally on the band in this particular style, which is a contrast to the usual vertical position seen on the majority of the rings. Ladies with a non-traditional sense of style will love the unique look of the east-west setting brings to an engagement ring.

Pouted_East-West-Setting-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

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4 Split Shank

The popularity of split shank rings has seen a steady growth in the past decade, and it only seems to be getting better! As a matter of fact, many Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce have flaunted this style on their ring finger.

When it comes to design, the name speaks for itself. The shank usually splits into two segments as it approaches the gemstone. But it is available in many variations, each with a unique look and feel. What’s more, the divided band offers more surface area for diamond accents, which results in even more brilliance. Simply said, a split shank engagement ring is a dynamic choice for chic and modern brides.

Pouted_Split-Shank-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

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5 Two-Stone

Double the beauty, double the charm! We like to think of a two-stone engagement ring as a beautiful representation of you and your better half. Back in the late 19th and early 20thcentury, they were trendy in France. Jewelers there called them ‘toi et moi’ rings, which translates to ‘you and me’.

Even if you keep aside the sentimental value, this particular style has a lot to offer in terms of visual appeal. Customization will let you play with different colored gems, along with their shape and size. You can go big and sparkly, or opt for understated elegance. In any case, a two-stone engagement ring never fails to win hearts.

Pouted_Two-Stone-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

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6 Rose Gold

An article on engagement ring trends wouldn’t be complete without the mention of rose gold. This warm, blush-hued metal has a knack for complementing almost all skin tones and looks gorgeous while at it!

Rose gold also happens to be an alloy that is infused with copper. This makes it extremely durable and tarnish-proof. This metal is more affordable than white and yellow gold. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for women who want the best of both worlds – good looks and easy on the pocket too!

Pouted_Rose-Gold-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

7 Cluster

This is the kind of ‘crowd’ a bride-to-be will certainly not mind! This particular style usually features diamonds set around the center stone for a crowded or cluster-like appearance.  They were popular prior to the turn of the century during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Even today, they are sought-after by women who love the old-world charm. All the small cluster diamonds reflect light as the ring moves, and together they create a beautiful sparkling effect.

Pouted_Cluster-675x675 7 Engagement Ring Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

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Did your favorite engagement ring style make it to the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below; we’d love to hear you out!

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