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7 Design Ideas for Teens’ Bedrooms

It is agreed by everyone who was there or still is that teenage years are never easy; it is normal because it is the stage when boys and girls cross from childhood to adulthood; it is a confusing stage. In these years, a new life awaits; You start learning to take responsibility for you actions and be independent. The specialty and influences of this stage bring new choices and preferences. It is important to have a place where you can express your character freely; bedrooms are safe haven where all this can be manifested; their designs, decor and colors.

Your bedroom is where you detach yourself from all the demands and rules, and enjoy your own company, or on the other hand, you are into inviting close friends to your home. In both cases, you need a cool bedroom. Check out this list of bedrooms design ideas; you might get inspired to design your bedroom, or add new decor to it, like any of these.

7 Easy DIY design

This is the easiest and most inexpensive decoration tool. You can pass by crafting store where you can purchase sticky labels meant for walls. Pick up the shapes that you like the most and then start sticking them to your bedroom’s wall.

6 Bubble chair

If your room is simply designed and you love it this way, then all you need is to think outside the box and add something extraordinary. For example, you have a bubble chair on which you spend time thinking about life’s greatest decisions. Furthermore, it would be way cooler if this chair is hanging in the air.

5 Hanging bed

Hanging objects are way more interesting than normal ones. A hanging bed would be a strong add to your bedroom. Hanging beds are attached to the ceiling with sturdy strings. The fun part is that you can use it as a swing, but definitely you can’t swing high.

4 Neon sign

Things made with neon lights are always cool and fun, If you are looking for an exceptional decoration for your room, you can try hanging a neon sign on which your favorite quote is written, and let it illuminate your room dazzlingly.

3 Long fringes

This is a nice way to feel like you are inside a hollow by having long fringes hanging from the ceiling around your bed, whether in a rounded outline or lined all the way through your bed edges. Although it is a transparent shield, you will enjoy spending time inside it.

2 Built up drawers

If you are suffering from your room’s small space, then here is where creativity comes to pass. Build up a wooden floor on which you can place your bed, and on the length of the double floor build a stair to climb up to your bed; next to it you can build several drawers to store your items. This way you will not feel short on space anymore.

1 aquarium designs
Mounting a fish tank decor into your wall can be an elegant add to your room. It would even be more special if you added dim lighting system around it, for it will help you enjoy the beauty of the water reflection on your walls.