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7 Crazy Curly Hairstyles for Black Men in 2018

Men who aspire to look like a handsome heartthrob while keeping it classy, usually opt for a style they can nail and show their potentials through it. Aside from watches, suits, and shoes, men should opt for the hairstyle that complements their face shape and facial features. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with embracing your ethnicity and culture with some hairstyles that are, more or less, pertaining to your ethnic and cultural background. Here, Pouted offers some hairstyles that were worn by African men with curly hair. However, we all have our liberal and open mindset and acknowledge that the world accolades all people and cultures, so maybe all people and races would love to share a glimpse of this fluid culture and experience a new hairstyle.

7 Long Top, Short Sides and Back

Such hairstyle changes everyone’s deep-rooted perception about the typical direction of the hair. All you have to do is to cut off the sides and back of your hair, then sweep your black curls forward to bless your forehead with them if they long enough. The back of your hair should be V-shaped trimmed.

6 African-American Textured Hairstyle

There is nothing sexier than natural looks. Sometimes the procedures to look handsome and manly are simpler than you think and about undoing all the knots. So you do not have to do much trimming or cutting when it comes to the hair part. There is nothing wrong with leaving thick curls being drifted by the breeze. However, our main focus would be on the temples; your precious temples should be relatively faded. Black, thick curls and comb faded temples are, more or less, pertaining to new hairstyles of African culture.

5 Designed Mohawk

The steps are quite easy, yet they demand a highly skilled hand to handle the trimming, and to use the razor properly. So mark your favorite shapes on the two trimmed, fading sides of your head. Some men believe your body is your platform to express yourself and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of it to promote your own personality and, of course, love and passion for art. Such a way would highlight your craziness and liberated mindset.

4 Retro ’90s Cut

Buckle up ’90s kids, people’s nostalgia is at its peak, and everyone is trying to retrieve their ‘good old days’. We believe that this is the reason behind the revival of most of the nineties fashion like Mums’ jeans and chokers. It is no odd to settle down the fact that hairstyles are no different and they are definitely related to the upheaval taking place in the fashion world. So, if you were a fan of Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this is your chance to flatten the top of your hair while, of course, keeping fading temples and take a leaf out of Cool Will Smith of the nineties.

3 Black Men Bun Hairstyle

Even though men can have fun a little bit and go back in time to the period in which they rejoice, they always live the moment and stop their flying wings when needed to get out of their nostalgic trip have their feet back on the ground at the reality station. Practically, man buns have been ubiquitous throughout the last few years. Many dudes nailed the look and it rendered them looking unpretentiously handsome. Always consider a half topped knot when thinking of changing your style.

2 Long Box Braid with Fade

We got accustomed to seeing black men nailing box braid; it is an integral part of the African culture. What makes this hairstyle a bit distinctive and jaw-dropping is that there is a curve of the fade at the back of the head. The box braid can be let down covering your shoulders and they can be put up in a bun.

1 Casual Brown Curly Hairstyle

Who can ever forget High School Musical’s hottie, Corbin Bleu? He made us fall for his casual brown curly hair. Dudes, kindly consider this piece of advice: the more your look natural like you have just woken up and grab whatever in your closet and just brushed your hair like an everyday activity, the more you look handsome and cool.

As we said, some hairstyles were initially worn by African men, but these haircuts are not only limited to them. The world is a positively open place that can accommodate all cultures. So, speak up and tell us your favorite haircut in the comment section down below.