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7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

Sometimes in life, people need a fresh start. Whether they are graduating from college or just looking to pack up and start anew, there are a variety of questions to ask yourself before you start packing your bags; For example, location, population size, job growth, quality of life, unemployment rates, weather, ect. Even the hobbies which are popular in the area you plan on moving to will affect your social life. That being said, don’t get wrapped up in trying to find the perfect city; they all have their positives and negatives. If there was a perfect city, wouldn’t everyone live there?

 Portland, Oregon 

Portland is a great place to start over, especially if you feel as if you don’t fit in your current community. Self-expression is a big part of Portland’s community. Their slogan, “Keep Portland Weird,” is commonly used amongst locals to define Portland as a place where you are just yourself. Portland is also not a bad place if you are interested in finding a new career. With Portland being ranked the thirty-second best city to live in, and Oregon ranked as one of the top 10 states to live in, there is an excellent housing market with high job growth. Particularly in the area of construction, finding a job won’t be that difficult. Though if you hate rain, get ready, as Portland gets a ton of rain compared to other cities. Since Portland has a below average citizens age, this will probably not be the place for retirees.

portland-675x422 7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

 Whiskey Creek, Florida 

If you are looking for a place to retire, Whiskey Creek Florida may be the place for you. Ten minutes away from Fort Myers and not to far from the beach, a nice small suburban community with a low crime rate makes this place a dream for any retiree looking to live out the rest of their life. The weather in florida is fantastic with temperatures experiencing average highs hitting 84 degrees fahrenheit. Furthermore Fort Myers/Whiskey Creek is ranked 15th in cities for retirees. Though like with every city, Whiskey Creek has its downsides as this city is not a place for people looking for high economic growth. If hunting is your passion then watch out as Florida recently is changing it’s gun purchasing age to 21 and is placing more restrictions on what guns are sold.

Whiskey-Creek-Florida-675x409 7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

 Seattle, Washington 

College graduates look no further! Seattle is the home to a variety of tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft with a high amount of residents having their bachelor’s degrees in a Science or Business field. When it comes to economic growth Washington is about 2% above the national average and a median income of $30,000 more than the national average. Though Seattle is not the perfect city people make it out to be, as they have a sales tax at a whooping 9.6% and a higher cost of living compared to the national average. Seattle’s residents are also people who are under the age of 30, so people outside of that age bracket may find it hard to fit in.

Seattle-Washington-675x506 7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

 Des Moines, Iowa 

Some of the cities mentioned earlier may be great for college graduates and retirees, but what about the average consumer who may not have the funds to move to a big city? Des Moines is ranked number one in affordable cities to live in, at an average housing cost lower than the national average. Des Moines has a population of 600,000 people. With a population of this size, you get the advantages of living in a big city with a small town feel. Getting to know your community is important, especially if you intend to make a fresh start in a brand new city. Des Moines is great for anybody looking to start over in a brand new community that feels like a family.

Des-Moines-Iowa-675x449 7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

 Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Albuquerque is great for people who want the best of both worlds, with great views of the Sandia Mountains and a small town feel. Though it still has the same benefits and resources of a large city, Albuquerque is also considered to be one of the cleanest cities in America, with a rich Mexican and Central American culture. Homes for sale in Albuquerque NM range in price, but the average will cost you around $180,000, lower than the national average though still higher than other choices on this list. Though you get what you pay for, with the excellent view and community you can’t go wrong! If you are single and looking to find someone, Albuquerque has a high population of non-married people.

Albuquerque-New-Mexico-675x484 7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

 Overland Park, Kansas 

If you are looking to move to a city with a safe community, Overland Park is the city for you. Ranked the 8th safest city in the United States, with a crime rate of 231 per 100,000 people there is very little crime in this closely knit city. There are plenty of places to visit, whether it is a local state park, a farmers market, a craft show, or a local mall. Any person looking for a city with an extreme rural feel will love Overland Park. With a bunch of hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and camping, there is always something to do. With the close community, your neighbors feel like family.

Overland-Park-Kansas-675x450 7 Cities To Move To For A Fresh Start

 Anchorage, Alaska 

If you are looking to get off the grid and reinvent yourself, Anchorage is a great place to live, as long as you don’t hate the cold. Anchorage is a diverse place with close to 100 different languages. in addition, it is especially great if you love snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, biking, or camping; there is never a dull moment in Anchorage! Many products are more expensive in Alaska, as most trucks have to spend a lot of fuel to go through Canada to deliver goods. Anchorage has some of the most beautiful forests that are still untouched by man. If you have been striving for adventure and have been craving a new start, Anchorage is right for you.

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