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7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally

Women always love to look fabulously attractive, and makeup is one thing that grants us our wishes to look perfectly fine. However, sometimes, things get in our way of beautifying ourselves up and acne starts ruining the process for us. Most of the women go to dermatologists to learn how to clear their face from acne. On the other hand, others follow strict diets and eat healthy meals in order to leave no room for acne. They moisturize daily and keep themselves hydrate yet no desired results are delivered; how will any girl look fabulous with the constant ceaseless acne breakouts? You blamed your diet, your genetics, and everything, but have you ever put the blame on your makeup brushes? Yes, they can cause acne if they were not clean. You have to brush them regularly and probably to keep your face shiny. Brushes can collect dirt and bacteria that you may swipe it on your face over and over again. Do you know what’s even worse? The bacteria multiply over time and causes further damage to your skin if left untreated. It is not enough rinsing the cream off of the brush with water; you need to have a brushing routine that will give you effective results and see the difference your face will experience. Here are seven best ways you can use that will grant you brand new makeup brushes even if they have been frequently used.

1 Use A Silicone Mitt

Silicone mitts are taking over and they do a great job in cleaning your makeup brushes. They will do better than washing them only with water. Those mitts actually have rubbing patches in an insanely massive amount, making the cleansing process much deeper. They wash the dirt away and get your brushes fabulously clean. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that the mitt needs to be brushed as well. When you use the mitt to clean your brush, it collects all the grime and bacteria. That makes it impossible for you to use it all over again before thoroughly cleaning it beforehand.

cleaning makeup brush with Silicone Mitt 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 1

cleaning makeup brush with Silicone Mitt 2 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 2

2 The Beauty Wonder: Coconut Oil

Let’s be honest; coconut oil has been seen in every beauty routine. It works wonder in making your skin clear, giving you a radiant shiny hair, brighten your nails up, whiten your teeth, exfoliate your body, and, at last, cleaning your makeup brushes better than ever. Coconut oil is effective in wiping the dirt off of the brushes when you use it in cleaning them. Besides, it contains anti-bacterial properties that will help ensure your brushes won’t be clogged up with the possible-to-accumulate dirt. It has one more advantage; it will nurture your skin when you swipe the coconut oil-laden brush over your skin once again.

clean makeup brushes with coconut oil 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 3

cleaning makeup brushes with coconut oil 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 4

3 Liquid Dish Soap

This way could be the most economical one to use, and it is easy as well. You certainly have liquid soap that you used in washing your dirty dishes; however, never did it cross your mind that you can use that soap for cleaning your makeup brushes too, right? Congratulations, you now know and can easily use your kitchen’s liquid soup in making your makeup brush sparkle with cleanness. Here what you are going to need along with the dish soap; water and a little clean sponge. You definitely won’t use the same sponge that you clean the dishes with, so you’ll need one that is little and clean. What to do next? Soak the sponge in the soap and then swipe it over the surface of the makeup brush then rinse it with warm water and leave on a dry towel to dry. The next time you use this method, make sure your sponge is cleaned thoroughly and the dish soap is fresh.

homemade liquid dish soap recipe 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 5

clean makeup brushes with Liquid Dish Soap 2 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 6

4 Baby Shampoo

Yes, shampoo can clean your makeup brushes, bring back their shininess. But, before you rush into the bathroom to use your regular shampoo, you got to realize that we stated Baby Shampoo. Instead, go for your baby’s shampoo or buy one in case you are not yet a mommy. Think about that way; if those shampoos are made specifically for the delicate heads of babies, then they must be very sensitive and will work perfectly for your makeup brushes. Baby shampoos do not have harsh chemicals, thus, they won’t ruin your makeup brushes. The best thing about those baby shampoos is that they make your brushes soft and gunk-free after washing. However, there is one thing that you may not like about them; it is the fact that they are not effective at killing the bacteria as much as the dish soaps are. They may make your makeup brushes soft and fluffy, but they won’t be as clean as the dish soaps may make them.

Clean makeup Brushes with baby shampoo 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 7

Clean makeup Brushes with baby shampoo 2 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 8

5 Makeup Brush Cleansers

Just like there are makeup removals, the brush cleansers have been around as well, thank goodness. Those cleansers are very effective in cleaning up your brushes; after all, they were made specifically for that end; they had to be operative. Most of those cleansers are recommended to be used once per month; however, they are good for a quick clean every once in a while as well. Some of them are found in the form of liquid like the soaps while others are in the form of a spray. The latter are usually easier to use, for all it is going to take is a simple spritz and you are ready to go; your brush will be available to use once again.

clean makeup brushes 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 9

Cleaning Makeup Brushes 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 10

6 Hydrogen Peroxide and Castile Soap

For a more powerful cleansing, you may need to go for a combination of the two perfect products that will help you clean up your makeup brushes; hydrogen peroxide along with castile soap. This combination is perfect for killing the bacteria that accumulates over your makeup brush after being used constantly. All you’ll need to do is add more than few drops of the castile soap in a bowl and blend them with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide; the bowl has to be filled with warm water.  Once your mixture is ready, place your brushed in the bowl for a few minutes and twist it around in the water. After around ten minutes, take the makeup brushes out and rinse them with cold water. Place them on a dry towel until they dry out.

makeup brush cleaning 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 11

Makeup brush cleaner mat 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 12

7 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been quite known for its effectiveness in killing the bacteria even the most dangerous ones. Hence, it is the perfect choice for cleaning up your makeup brushes and making them safe to use over your face without irritating your skin or worsening your acne. However, it is recommended to mix it with liquid dish soap for the perfect results. Here is the recipe; mix half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap with apple cider vinegar along with one cup of warm water. Place the mixture in a bowl or a glass; whatever suits you, and soak your brushes in the mixture. Give them some time, so the grease and dirt take time to break down. After a few minutes, take your brushes out of the mixture and let them dry overnight.

apple cider vinegar 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 13

clean makeup brushes with Apple Cider Vinegar 7 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes Professionally - 14

These are the easiest and most effective ways that will guarantee a thorough cleansing to your makeup brushes. Choose the method you think is the most suitable for you and give your brushes a quick shower.

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