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7 Amazing Health Facts About Tomatoes

Tomato is an essential vegetable in your daily dish of salad, so do you ever think about its importance and health effects ?! Here in this topic, we will show you its bountiful benefits, effects and health facts. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, anti-oxidants and the Lycopene which gives the tomato its red color. Lycopene has an essential role in reversing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A also has the ability to repair the damaged skin cells.

Here are the 7 health facts about tomatoes

1. Tomato could treat acne and remove blackheads: apply the pulp of the tomato on your affected area for almost 30 minutes every day, thin rinse your face; keep doing this for over two weeks and you will notice fewer damage, pimples and wrinkles.

2. To cleanse and tone skin: mash one tomato and one avocado, then apply it as a facial mask for 15 to 20 minutes. Tomato will cleanse any dirt in your skin and avocado will keep its moisture.

3. To condition the dry hair and relieve an itchy scalp: after washing your hair with shampoo, apply tomato juice on your hair for five minutes and rinse with cool water. It is a homemade conditioner which could remove the build-up and also hydrate the parched locks.

4. Remedy for sunburns: if you get a painful burn in your skin because of staying too long time in the sun, you can make a natural remedy for it by rubbing your skin with a cool blend of tomato and yogurt.

5. Get rid of the oily skin: tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, C and amino-acids which all have oil-minimizing properties. You should keep eating tomato as a daily routine.

6. Shrink large pores: mix one tablespoon of fresh tomato juice with two drops of lemon juice together into a small bowl. Swipe onto your face in upward circular motions through using a cotton swap, then wait for 10 minutes before washing your face with cool water.

7. Add shine to the dull skin: add a bit of honey to a thick paste of tomato, rub this mask onto your face and relax while doing this, after that wash your face with cool water. You will get a glowing skin in under 15 minutes.