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6 Most Popular Barbie Girls in The World

For almost the last decade, we has become familiar with the fact that young girls are becoming obsessed with celebrities and taking the perfection game too serious. Everyone, including the celebrities themselves, blamed it on the media’s excess use of image editing. Nevertheless after the newly appearance of human dolls, unfortunately we are not taking too far by putting the whole blame on media; apparently some people seem to be obsessed by nature. Barbie dolls have always been the most popular toys for young girls since a long time ago and, naturally, girls are supposed to grow out of dolls obsession during their teenage years, but surprisingly some actually grow more into them; The Barbie girls have taken their obsession to a whole new level by exerting their ultimate effort to look like a real Barbie. The following list will introduce you the most famous young Barbie look alike girls.

6 Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria is a Ukrainian model that has been commonly known as the human Barbie; she admitted that she has undergone several plastic surgeries in order to look like this. However, Valeria doesn’t think she looks anything like a doll; she believes that change in appearance is inevitable for everyone while growing up and that is the case for herself as well. This year, she declared that she is having a break from undergoing plastic surgeries unless her body needs any of them in the future.

5 Lolita Richi

Lolita Richi is a 17-year-old newer Barbie human, Ukrainian too, except that she doesn’t admit undergoing plastic surgeries, saying that her Barbie-like body and beauty are naturally real. In one of her interviews, she stated that during her childhood she used to be a tomboy, preferring to wear and act like boys, and moreover, she liked playing with them. Surprisingly she grew up transforming herself into the Barbie doll that she never played with, but she claimed that she is happy with the fact that girls are jealous of her and all boys are after her. Lolita said that, after she is done with her education, she is going to pursue a career in the psychology field.

4 Dakota Rose

Dakota Rose is 20 years old, and has become famous during her late teen years, for she has a face pretty much resembling that of a doll. She has not undergone any plastic surgeries, but she has been making several videos on You Tube dressing cute outfits and that, along with her pretty Barbie face, has made her popular, especially in Japan and China. Dakota does not mind dressing Barbie-like outfits all the time, even though people might find her a bit strange.

3 Venus Palermo

Venus Palermo is an English teenager that looks like a real-life doll. She became famous for her everlasting obsession with dolls. Venus has made You Tube videos where she gives tutorials for young girls on how to easily look like her, using heavy makeup. She is commonly known as Venus Angelic; she uses that screen name, for she believes that she looks more like an angel rather than an ordinary human being.

2 Charlotte Hothman

Charlotte Hothman is 25 years old, therefore the oldest among Barbie girls, but she is comfortable with showing the world that she is still obsessed with Barbie dolls as much as preteen girls are. She spent a lot of money on collecting Barbie dolls, as much as she could put her hands on, and upon growing up she spent a fortune on plastic surgeries. She transformed her hair into blond, had a nose job and made her lips bigger, so she can look like a living Barbie doll.

1 Brooke Bates

When Brooke Bates told her story she stated that she has always felt fat and ugly, and was ready to do whatever it takes to be as skinny and beautiful as Barbie dolls. She started the transformation process at 12; and by 15 she underwent a liposuction surgery becoming the youngest girl, by that time, to ever undergo such a surgery. Brooke stated that her bad self-image and persistence on transforming her body cost her parents a fortune, but she does not regret it because, after all, that was all she had always dreamed of. Although Brooke’s parents were very supportive during that transformation, they had had a hard time accepting it, nevertheless they advise other parents to do the same with their children if that is what they want.