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6 Stylish Fall Outfits for School

As a teenager or a young adult, school is quite imperative and takes a big, vital role in your own small world. So, the sign “Back to School” does not only require purchasing books, school bags, pens and highlighters, or waving goodbye to late summer nights. Schools also require a stylish look to rock it. Being stylish does contradict with getting high grades, does it? so, why not taking care of yourself during school term. Following is a list comprises the most classy and casual back to school outfits.

6 Checked Shirts

If you want to look cool, casual and relevant to fashion, you have to invest in checked shirts. Complement the look with a plain shirt underneath. You can leave it unbuttoned, for a more casual and care-free style. Always remember to roll up the sleeves and make them look even; you aim at a kempt, casual look, not an untidy one. In case you are female, leggings, either jeans or black; colored-leggings will not complement you that much. However, if you are a boy, then the denim jeans is the best. What is special about this look that it is gender neutral.

5 Next door girl t-shirt

A regular next door t-shirt that carries a statement can tell much about your effortlessly independent personality and reputation. We all love that person who seems regular and does not put much effort onto their, yet they are freaking cool. However, consider the Blue stretch cotton ‘Le High Skinny’ jeans or the distressed stretch cotton jeans as it adds so much to your look. Stay away from black leggings, if you are having this look. Also, you should get the white Converse Chuck.

4 Embroidered cotton blouse

For school, opt for the cotton blouse of light colors. You can flaunt the long-sleeved blouse in gently crinkled, woven cotton fabric. Moreover, embroidered yoke at front with ties at neck, tassels at ends and elasticized cuffs. Such blouse is available at H&M. When it comes to pants, opt for dark color jeans fading through thighs with right coin pocket and a back pocket stitched. Of course, moving around the school, and hurling between classes demand comfy shoes so Chuck Taylor converse is the perfect choice for you.

3 Denim jackets

Objectively, the denim jeans play a vital role when it comes to the image you want your classmates to take you for. The look you get when you wear the denim jacket is defined by your hairdo. If you let your hair down as ombre, you will be a Suzi high school. However, if you pull it upwards as a messy bun with nerdy glasses, you will look freaking cute. Do not forget the T-shirt, whether plain, striped or embroidered. Further, a black tight legging would be jaw-dropping.

2 Striped shirts

Striped shirts demand specific body shape requirements; which means, if you are a little chubby, do not wear horizontal striped shirts. Instead, you can opt for vertical ones as they will achieve the balance desired, for you, to look healthy. In addition, wear jeans fading through the size. This look also will be great with an above-the-knee skirt. However, choose the length of your knees, according to the school law.

1 Chambray Look

A blue jeans shirt, which is far from a pomper denim jacket. The shirt is made of cotton with two pockets embroidered on the chest. The length of the shirt is imperative to be medium or above-knee long, but short shirts are not the perfect choice for such a comfy style. A scarf is essential to make it classy and cool. Moreover, you can complement your legs and thighs with either black or white tight pants. Also, handbags will fit. On the contrary, pack bags are not the best for you, in this case.

Finally, when it comes to choosing school outfit, it is imperative to take school dress codes in consideration as it differs from one school to another. So, pick the style you desire and add the slight touches to make it uncontroversial.