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6 Most Edgy Hairstyles For Men in 2018

Your hairstyle says too much about your personality and also gives much information about the way you would like to be perceived. Thus, if you have an edge, bold personality and b=never settle for what is ordinary and usual, opt for a haircut that is far from usual as well. Whether you are an artist, musician, tattooist or even a doctor, we are not here to make pre-assumption and speculations over your profession or hobbies, but you have to bear in mind that such hairstyles do not suit offices, some workplaces and formal occasions. Here, Pouted Magazine lists some of the edgiest hairstyles for adventures men out there.

6 Dishevelled

Luckily, Dishevelled suits all face shapes and goes with all ages and hair types. Despite the fact that the Dishevelled haircut is edgy, it conveys some classic vibes. You do not have to shave or trim the sides of your hair at all; you can keep the top and the sides long. Then part the left or the right side of your hair. Apply some fancy gel on your locks so your hair would glow.

5 Modern Pomp Drop Fade

The first time you look at this hairstyle, you will realize that it is not easy to carry out since the leap lying between the top and the sides is not striking. However, the sides are, more or less, gradually fading. All you have to do is to keep the top long and of high volume. Next, apply the buzz cut on a small part on each of the two sides, then cut off the rest of the sides, including the temples.

4 Undercut with Side Swept Hair and Beard

Just keep the top of your hair relatively long, compared to the fading sides. Shave the sides of your hair and let the top grow longer till it can reach your shoulders. Moreover, it is essential to keep the leap between the top and the sides striking to maintain the edgy look. Next, sweep your long top aside after you apply some fancy gel on your hair. Moreover, the full, long beard intensifies the edgy look.

3 Modern Cowlick Fringe

Firstly, the Cowlick means that a certain section of the hair, especially the crown, grows spirally. However, the cowlick drifted from the crown becomes the touch-up to other parts of the hair, including the fringe. Let your hair grow spirally to attain the cowlick style. Anyways, when it comes to the fringe, take your locks, starting from the spiral point at which your hair whorl and straighten them till they reach your forehead.

2 High Temp Fade and Messy Textured Hair

Such hairstyle suits oval faces as it applies the emphasis on the top, but this time the top should be messy and far from neat and combed. Similar to most of such haircuts with a longer top, the sides should be fading or buzz cuts to put the top in the lime line when they, the top and the sides, are juxtaposed. The leap between the top and the sides is not dynamite. On the other hand, the sides are fading gradually. After you finish, comb your top with your fingers just to support the messy top.

1 Buzz Cut and Wild Hair Designs

We have to admit that this hairstyle is the edgiest so far. Moreover, it is essential to acknowledge that the wild hair designs cannot be carried out at home. All you need to do is to keep your hair short; you can wear the buzz haircut and it is simple to have. However, you have to pay a visit to your special barber and offer him the picture of the design you prefer. Undoubtedly, it dangerous to carry out such process by yourself as it requires a professional and trained hand, so you do not jeopardize your scalp’s safety.

Make sure that your hairstyle suits the places you visit and the occasions you attend. And always remember to be yourself but never violate dress code set by a place.

Do not forget to tell us about the edge haircut you favored in the comment section down below.