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6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

We don’t often chop wood in the middle of a forest but when we do, it’s because our lumberjack of a boyfriend asks us to keep him company. Have a man in your life that is an avid outdoorsman? You might be wondering what to buy him for his next birthday or perhaps your anniversary. You know an argyle sweater or fedora won’t do, as this guy is as rugged as they come, but don’t despair—we can help. Read on for great gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life.

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 Kill Him With Kindness and Camping Gear 

If your guy loves the outdoors, chances are he also likes sleeping among the stars. Think about getting him a tent or other items that go with camping, like a headlamp, portable grill, and/or a lantern. Blow his mind with an illuminated inflatable chair or an inflatable couch. He’ll be flattered that you know him so well and—whether this makes you happy or not—he’ll also likely invite you along. Perhaps you could ask for a glamping weekend in return! Either way, this is a great way to make memories together. If you don’t know what to get, a gift card to REI will always do the trick. This store is an outdoorsman’s dream and, even better, it’s a co-op, so you’ll get money back on your purchase if you join.

Kill-Him-With-Kindness-and-Camping-Gear-675x449 6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

 Drones FTW! 

Unless you’ve been caught under something heavy for the past five years, you know that the drone trend is only gaining momentum. When it comes time to get your rugged Romeo something special, consider a drone. Purchasing a drone can be a tough decision, so make sure you take your time and do your research before investing.

Drones-675x450 6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman
50038069 – drone quadrocopter with high resolution digital camera flying in the blue sky over the city

 Think Inside the Box With a Subscription 

You’ve likely heard of subscription services like Birchbox and Stitchfix, the latter of which assigns you a personal stylist that figures out your fashion faves and each month you get sent ensembles that you can either keep or send back based on your opinions. Nomadik is the subscription box that every outdoorsman will be over the moon for. Arriving each month with camping essentials that range from energy bars to camera gear, this gift will make you number one in his book.

Nomadik-is-the-subscription-675x675 6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman


You might not think something to carry liquids in seems like a suitable gift but—trust us—anyone who spends time outdoors realizes the value of a really good water bottle. Hydroflasks and S’well bottles are two examples that will keep anything you put in them ice cold for hours, which is great when you’re out on the golf course, enjoying a day of rock climbing, or any other activity that works up a thirst. Another thing that any person who spends a good time outdoors knows is that these things disappear at an alarming rate, so you can never have too many. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they look cool to boot.

S’well-bottles-675x436 6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

 It’s Time for a Watch 

Nothing is hotter than a guy who wears a cool watch, but a watch for an outdoorsman doesn’t just tell time. It should have a working compass (you know he won’t stop and ask for directions) and be able to resist the elements. It should also be ruggedly constructed while also being user-friendly. And while this won’t help him out of any sticky situations, you also want it look fab while maintaining his outdoor street cred.

outdoorsman-watch-675x452 6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

 Stay Cool While Buying His Cooler 

We all know those hard Coleman coolers, which are great for many occasions, but the cooler for your outdoorsman should be a bit more durable than that. If you can manage to find one with a soft exterior, that’s great, as he can fit it in his truck with his many other items when he goes off on his hunting and/or fishing trips. Plus: Beer.

hard-Coleman-coolers 6 Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Does the outdoorsman in your life have a birthday coming up, or perhaps is deserving of a “just because” gift? Get anything off this list and watch his smile grow … if you can see it through his manly beard.

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