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Most Stylish 6 Bedroom Wardrobes Design Ideas

Chances are, all the wardrobes you have ever come across are those traditional looking ones with nothing exceptional about their designs. If this applies to you, you’ll be fascinated by the modern and creative designs of wardrobes. Wide steps has been crossed developing this field. They still maintain their original function though; like other usual wardrobes, they have closets and multiple drawers for storing all your outfits.

If you have curiosity about experiencing unusual things and plenty of money, you might consider one of these wardrobes designs that the following list comprises.

6 Frosted windows wardrobe

These modern wardrobes are brilliantly designed, for they entitle you to enjoy a room with a bigger space. This cloudy wardrobe lets you enjoy a bit more privacy since the stored contents are not visible to the others in the room, and you get to get inside this wardrobe as it is a dressing room. This is a real luxurious design for a wardrobe.

5 Sliding doors wardrobe

If your bedroom is small in size, then you might consider this design. This wardrobe occupies part of the wall, so it will not take up space from the room itself. The sliding doors are made of glass offering a nice view inside the room. The great thing about these modernized wardrobes is that they occupy less space, and act as a dressing room.

4 Glass Wardrobe

If you do not care about privacy when it comes to wardrobes, this one is totally for you. It is entirely made of glass which gives the room a very elegant touch. It also offers a lot of shelves that would help to keep your stuff neatly organized.

3 Mirror-like wardrobe

This wardrobe acts as a small room inside your bedroom. It is not actually made of real mirrors but tinted glass, and when you enter this room-like wardrobe and close the door, your bedroom is reflected on that glass. Hence, you get to enjoy privacy inside your own little room. This design is utterly dazzling as well as brilliant.

2 Classic wardrobe

This is a classic wardrobe from the inside, nevertheless it does not look like a traditional one. The interior design of this wardrobe is not unusual; it is made of dark brown wood with closets and several drawers, but on the outside, everything is revealed through a fine glass. Classic wardrobes are sophisticated and classy.

1 Slatted doors

Here is another few and far between wardrobe to consider, if you seek a spectacular bedroom design. Surely, wardrobes play a great role in the harmonization of the whole bedroom’s design, so here is another design that will grant you a bombarding view. The slatted door wardrobes is a great way to enjoy the dazzling design of wood without having to have a solid wooden panel. It provides your bedroom with a stylish, classy view that you will definitely fall in love with.