Top 6 Best Online Colleges in the USA

Although the internet has grown a bad reputation for being used in the worst activities ever, like hacking private systems and spreading inappropriate stuff, still, it has proven to have a lot of the other benefits. You can actually use the Internet for more than just social purposes like reuniting with some old friends that you lost along the road; you can also use it to earn a college degree. A lot of universities have seized the opportunities given by the Internet and offered great chances for those who want to earn a degree, from anywhere around the world, in the comfort of their own homes. The students no longer have to attend lectures for long hours in order to satisfy their educational needs and just ignore all the other aspects of life.

The online colleges have been around for a while and they showed great success, thus, they have been growing significantly. Since the digital learning world has shown a great evolution, it definitely should be your next step, so that you can balance between your social life, your job, if you have one, and your academic life. There are a lot of great universities out there waiting for your application, so here is a list of the best online colleges in the USA. Take a look and pick up whatever seems perfect for you.

6  University of Central Florida 

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The University of Central Florida has been around since 1963. It is actually one of the largest in the United States that welcomes an overall enrollment as well as undergraduate enrollments. The University of Central Florida is currently serving almost 65,000 students, among which there are a lot of them who are registered in the online courses program. What makes these online courses trustworthy is the fact that they are escorted by the same staff who work on the campus, teaching the very same subjects. There is a wide range of faculties from which you can select whatever you prefer to study including English, Arts, Communication, Management and much more.
Besides, the UCF does not only welcome the undergraduate students, but also the postgraduate students who are up to completing a master’s degree, covering a wide range of subjects. All the specialized programs at the University of Central Florida allow the students to earn degrees in a lot of different fields including criminal justice and digital forensics or in applied learning and instruction, educational leadership and English-technical communication. The Online master’s program requires the students to complete 30 credit hours which can be accomplished over only one year if the student enrolls as a full-time one.

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5  Arizona State University 

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Arizona State University offers about 63 different bachelor’s degree programs for undergraduate online students. These programs include different fields as operations management, Internet and web development and health sciences. ASU Online programs also feature undergraduate degrees in four different areas including health and life sciences; humanities, fine arts, and design; math, physical sciences, engineering and technology; and social and behavioral sciences. One of the reasons that make Arizona State University one of the best universities that offer Online programs is the fact that its new partnership with EdX, known as the ‘Global Freshmen Academy’, let the students explore different fields before they get to decide a major, besides; they will only be asked to pay for the courses that they have taken and passed.
Arizona State University’s online programs are not only limited to undergraduate students but also includes online programs for those graduate-level students who want to proceed with their master’s or doctorate degrees.
Online students are given the opportunities to choose from 18 undergraduate and graduate certificate program that require only between 15 and 20 credit hours; and such credit hours can be achieved in six courses, if not less; this actually depends on the number of credit hours that are required for each course.

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4  Colorado Technical University 

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Colorado Technical University is one of the best universities that offer online programs for the students, for it provides about 13 programs for undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree fully online. These programs are mainly specialized in fields like business & management, healthcare, information technology, and security studies. Regarding the financial terms, Colorado Technical University is deemed to be the 12th most affordable university among all of those that offer online programs for the students.

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3  The University OF Maryland – University College 

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The University of Maryland at University College is one of the most recognized universities around the world, moreover, it offers about 31 programs for those who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree that can be fully achieved online, besides, it offers over 95 online programs of any other level. The University of Maryland at University College actually provides online degrees for several majors, including Cyber Security, Healthcare and Science, Information Technology and Computer Science, Public Safety, Liberal Arts and Communications, Business Administration and Management, and Education and Teaching. Above and beyond, the University of Maryland at University College also provides the students with support services for about 24 hours, including online writing feedback, academic and career advising, an online library, technical support, and job search assistance.

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2  Western Kentucky University 

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Western Kentucky University offers several online programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students; these programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Western Kentucky University’s online portal was established in 1998 and the university is ranked among the best online colleges and it offers 59 degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level to over 2,000 students.
The Western Kentucky University offers a completely online program including the presentations and even the exams, making students find it easy to choose it out of all the other online accredited universities out there because it never requires them to physically attend. Thus, This university might be the best for students who do not live in the state or those who have a full-time job and can’t afford to leave their jobs for visiting the university. The educational programs that are offered by the Western Kentucky University are known to be flexible, besides, it provides the students with this virtual classroom from which they access all the services they might ever need. One more benefit about these online programs is that the students do not easily fall off the track as some people might believe, for they are actually constantly tracked by an adviser who helps them graduate on time.

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1  Pennsylvania State University World Campus 

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Pennsylvania State University has always deemed to be one of the country’s best online colleges ever since it has established the internet portal in 2000. Pennsylvania State University is known to be accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and it serves more than 4,000 students transversely in 82 degrees at both levels, the undergraduate and the postgraduate.
This university also promises to give its students a vigorous online program that is fully supported, besides, there is good news for all the students who are either living out of the state or can’t afford to visit the school; there is no requirement for the students to visit the campus. But still, students get to choose to attend their classes whenever it is suitable for them and they also get to choose whether to take it online or attend it physically. The end of term is the only deadline that a student has at this school because it is the time when all the assignments and final examinations are in the red in order to complete the course.

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There are a lot more online universities out there that you can choose from, but these six online colleges are known to be among the best ones in the United States. Choose whatever feels affordable and perfect for you and go pursue the future that awaits you.

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