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6 Affordable Organizing and Decoration Ideas for your Kitchen

Delightful decorations are not only for living rooms where you spend your night watching TV with your family, or bedrooms where you need to have a good sleep and rest so you can wake up fresh and energetic to start the day. Apparently, kitchen demand to have delightful decorations as well. Kitchens are where you have your three daily meals and maybe gathering with family on one table. Whether your kitchen in big or small, you need to think of tricks to save space in order to have a more organised kitchen. Moreover, kitchen decorations are also needed to brighten the days you spend at home.

These are ways to save space in your kitchen provided by Pouted.

1 Hanged Jars
Sometimes people tend to have large kitchens because that is where they spend most of their time: cooking, having three meals, making cakes, cookies and tarts. However, having a relatively small kitchen is a privilege as well- it takes no time for cleaning especially with these cleaning tips. Maybe there is one negative point which is having so many jars and containers that render your counter cluttered. That’s why HGTV Magazine suggested throwing cardboard boxes and plastic bags in which you keep pasta, sugar, spices, cereal and dry food and put them in jars. But you asked yourself where should I put the jars if I have a small kitchen and counter? No worries because you can attach the lid of the jars to the bottom of cupboards.

2 Practical Lid Racks
Lids of cookwares usually if not ALWAYS occupy large spaces that make your kitchen seem smaller and more narrow than it actually is. Not to mention the hustle they cause whenever you try to get on to cover your cookware or pot with. That is why practical lid racks were created to save space and hinder hustle. Not to mention that they look modern and coordinated.

3 Opt for a hollow island
It may look like a regular island at the centre of your kitchen; however, it is pretty hollow so it was designed so you can keep jars, containers, accessories and cookbooks all put on the shelves of the same island. It is pretty clear that they are designed for small kitchens.

It is not only essential to save space but also it is important to decorate and adorn your kitchen, adding pleasant touches like adorning the flace with vintage artwork, flowers, plates on the wall.

4 Add a vintage touch to your kitchen
Yes, we know that you spend the most of your day in the kitchen and it is the place where dishes are cluttered all over your sink and counter. However, there is no excuse to leave your kitchen plain or messy. Kitchens with antiques and artwork gives us pleasure and adding vintage artworks is not of a bizarre idea; it is more of a pleasant notion design. You can let the 50s and 60s movies inspire you.

5 Fruit and flowers
You are not an old soul and are looking forward to having a fun design rather than a classic one. You can adorn your kitchen with flowers such as sunflowers, roses, daisies or jasmines. Not only do flowers add a delightful touch to your kitchen with its bright colors and pleasant smell but also they provide positive energy that makes you want to spend more time cooking finger lickin’ good meals to your family.

6 Staffordshire plates of one color
Just imagine the cupboards of your kitchen all white with Staffordshire plates of one color – pink, white, or everyone’s favorite blue – decorating your cupboards. Such pictures tickle housewives pink. It really makes your kitchen more a beach or a rest room, rather than a hectic place that is always messy and cluttered with dishes and leftovers.

These are all ideas to inspire you for adorning your kitchen. So, it is okay to copy the styles mentioned above and it will perfect your are going to create your own style referring to the decorations and ideas above.