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50+ Lovely Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas 2018

Do you want to easily add a romantic look to your nails on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic occasions that we celebrate every year. For this reason, new ideas are presented every year particularly for women to make them more elegant and allow them to celebrate this special occasion happily. Valentine’s Day nail art ideas are among the most essential ideas women need to get inspired and know how to change the look of their hands to be more romantic and suit Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are new fascinating nail art ideas that are presented every year. They are created in various ways through using different colors and various shapes to suit all tastes and different occasions we celebrate as well. Valentine’s Day nail art ideas are known to be different from other nail design ideas created for celebrating holidays and other special occasions throughout the year. If you do not know how to get catchy nails which are more romantic on Valentine’s Day, try to make use of the fascinating and easy Valentine’s Day nail ideas presented here to get inspired.

Classic red nails: The red color is the hottest color that is usually used on Valentine’s Day. If you are too busy and do not have enough time to waste for changing the look of your nails, then you can try using the classic red nail polish. You can leave your nails plain or draw anything you like such as hearts or kisses.

Different colors: If you do not like the classics and find them boring or not catchy like other new trends and colors, then you can leave the red nail polish to try other colors that are non-traditional and not usually used on Valentine’s Day. You can use pink, blue, black, white, brown, green, purple, and yellow. Instead of using only one color, try to choose two or more colors that match each other to get catchier nails.

Romantic look: How are you going to add a romantic look? The red nail polish is not the only thing that can be used to give your hands a romantic look. You can draw or write different things that allow you to get romantic nails. For Valentine’s Day nail art ideas, they are very romantic and feature different themes that are associated with Valentine’s Day such as hearts, kisses, heart beats, Xs and Os, and other creative shapes that can add a romantic look to your hands and make them more gorgeous.

Negative space nails: It is one of the hottest nail trends that have been presented to elegant women during the past few years. It allows you to get catchy and fabulous nails regardless of the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, you can easily create negative space hearts and top them with a coat of clear polish for a shiny look.

Decorate your nails: Do you want to make your nails more amazing? You can easily do this through decorating your nails. If you find that the nail polish you use is not enough for getting catchy nails, then you can try adding pearls, rhinestones, glitter, studs, heart stickers, and other small decorative pieces that are tiny but have the ability to change the look of your nails to be more impressive especially on these romantic occasions.

Nail stickers for lazy girls: If you are too lazy and do not want to exert any effort or really busy and do not have time to waste for painting and decorating your nails, then you need to opt for those nail stickers and decals that are especially designed and created for Valentine’s Day. They are easy to use and do not require spending a long time to be applied or removed.

Other ideas to try: You can draw flowers, add stripes using a striping brush, polish marker, or shiny striping tape, create half moons or hearts on the outer tips of your nails after changing their shape to the almond shape, play with texture through using matte and glossy nail polish, form words of love or love letters separately on the two hands, and color block through pairing two contrasting colors that are opposites on the color wheel with each other such as pink base with bold red stripes.

Do not forget that the nail art ideas that are presented here are not all suitable for you. This is because choosing the most appropriate nail art ideas depends on the shape and length of your nails. So, try to choose something that suits your nails and easy to be finished to enjoy celebrating this romantic and special occasion.

Happy Valentine’s Day