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50+ Hottest Hair Color Ideas for Men in 2018

Nothing is easier than changing the color of your hair to look different or more handsome. You can quickly do it without the need to waste a long time, spend a lot of money, cut your hair or even change your hairstyle. But will this make you look completely different to the extent that those who know you will not recognize you after changing your hair color? There are too many hair color ideas that are presented to men every year. Some of them are inspired by the hair color trends and ideas that are presented to women in different seasons throughout the year. To decide the best hair color for you and the best idea that suits you, you have to know that there are many factors which control you when you take this step towards changing your look. Your skin tone, eye color and natural hair color are all important things you have to consider when you choose a new color for your hair. You also need to know that hair colors change from one season to another. In fall and winter seasons, hair colors tend to be dark. In spring and summer seasons, the weather becomes warmer and this is why hair colors tend to be lighter. Let’s take a look at the catchy hair color ideas presented here to enjoy getting a new look.

♦ Add highlights

If you want to change your look through using a new hair color but still hesitant and afraid of this step because you are not sure of the results you will get, then you can try this hair color idea. It is perfect for those who want to add a simple change to their hair without completely changing their natural hair color. It is also great if you want to first try a new hair color you like.

There are too many colors you can try such as blonde in different shades, red, purple, gray, white, pink, and other colors but blonde is known to be the most popular among men especially those with dark hair colors. Men with dark hair can use any color they like to add highlights. But others with blonde hair are not the same since they need to use lighter hair colors such as platinum blonde and pastel colors. The new color which you select for your hair must suit your skin tone and the color of your eyes to help you look more handsome and not just change your look.

♦ Leave the sides

What do you think of dyeing a larger part of your hair instead of adding just some highlights? If you find that adding highlights does not satisfy your needs or is not enough for you to change your look and attract more attention, then you can try this catchy hair color idea. Dye the top of your hair and leave the sides or both sides and back to get catchy and unique look. This hair color idea is perfect for those who have long hair on the top with shaved or short sides, shaved sides and back, or short sides and back. The best hairstyles and haircuts that can be paired with this hair color idea are fauxhawk and undercut. You can choose any color you like, but it will be better for you to select what matches the natural color of your hair to be more impressive.

♦ Dark / Natural roots

If you still want to show the natural color of your hair and do not want to change it, then you can try leaving the roots of your hair dark. Choose a lighter color for dyeing the ends of your hair and leave the roots without being dyed. Those with dark hair color can choose the color they want for dyeing their hair. Men with blonde hair will need to choose the lightest colors or shades such as platinum blonde or pastels to look catchy. This hair color idea is great for both men with long hair and others with medium length hair as well.

♦ Platinum blonde & Gray

These colors are among the hottest hair colors that have recently appeared. However, their popularity increases everyday to be among the most common hair colors not just for men but also women. Platinum blonde and gray are perfect for different seasons, which allows you to enjoy wearing them throughout the year. If you think that these hair colors are for old people only or will make you look older, then you are completely wrong. Take a look at the fascinating hair color ideas presented here and you will completely change your mind wishing you can copy them now to look catchier and more handsome.

♦ Festival of colors

Do you know those festivals in which people throw different colors on each other to enjoy their time, have fun and escape from the stress and problems they face every day in their lives? What do you think of doing this on your hair? It is time to start playing with colors. If you are one of those who do not like traditional trends and need something crazy hair color trend that changes your look and makes you more attractive, then you will need to try these non-traditional hair color ideas. Which colors do you like the most? How many colors do you want to try on your hair? What do you think of trying all of them? If there are several colors that you want to try, then you can easily use them all on your hair. But how can you do this? Here are a few examples that will show you how to do this and help you get inspired.

♦ Dark colors

Black, deep brown or chocolate brown, dark red, deep blonde, dark blue and other dark colors and shades are all lovely colors you can try in different seasons especially the fall and winter seasons. Dark colors are known to be more associated with cold seasons. However, hair colorists come to break the rules this year and present dark colors for spring and summer seasons as well. You can add highlights to these dark colors to get catchier hair.

♦ Lighter shades

Pastel colors are known to be great for the spring and summer seasons. The weather becomes warmer in the hot seasons and this is why the colors that we wear tend to be lighter. All what you need is to select the softest and lightest shade of any color you like to try in the spring and summer seasons. You have platinum blonde, baby blue, light green, pink, light brown, light gray and other light shades you can try to change your look and enjoy your time in the hot seasons.

You should not forget that any color you choose for your hair must suit your skin tone, the color of your eyes, the occasion you want to attend, your age and personality as well. It is not about the latest and hottest hair color trends. It is about selecting the most appropriate hair color for you to reflect your personality and get a new look as stated in best United States fashion magazine. To find a catchy hair color that suits someone does not necessarily mean that the same color suits you even if you like this color. For this reason, you first need to try the color you want in the form of highlights or on just a part of your hair to decide if this new color is ideal for you or not. Wearing a new hair color is the easiest way to change your look and the simplest way to destroy it as well.