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Top 5 Most Wanted Halloween Beanie Babies Costumes

Halloween can’t get cuter than with the most wanted Halloween Beanie Babies costumes. At present, there are numerous valuable Beanie Babies characters you can choose from. Depending on your personal preferences for your baby or your baby’s favorite character, there are different Beanie Babies costumes perfect for Halloween or trick or treating.

Some of the most wanted Beanie Babies costumes for Halloween are:

  1. Garcia the Bear
  2. Decade the Bear
  3. Tabasco the Bull
  4. Princess the Bear
  5. Peanut the Royal Blue Cute Elephant

Beanie Babies costumes
Decade the Bear
Tabasco the Bull
Princess the Bear
Peanut the Royal Blue Cute Elephant

There are other Halloween Beanie Babies Costumes characters you can consider. However, you have to take note that some of these are very rare at present and may be available at a costly price. Regardless of your needs and budget, choose the one that will make your baby comfortable or you may also try DIY Halloween Beanie Babies costumes.

Factors to Consider When Shopping Around:

When looking for the most wanted Halloween Beanie Babies costumes, some of the factors you should take to consideration are as follows:

1- Costumes Should Be Comfortable
If the kids are not comfortable with their costume, they cannot enjoy themselves. A scratchy, stiff, and poorly-constructed costume may cast a shadow over the whole day. So, search for quality fabrics and soft ones. These must also have finished edges and seams, roomy cuts, and more. If possible, check the information for sizing.


2- Dress in Accordance to the Weather
If you’re living in a place with cold climate, search for the costumes that give warmth like the furry Beanie Babies characters place for them to get cozy.


3- Costumes Must be Easy-Off/On
Having arguments with your kids because of the complicated costumes will ruin their day and they would not have fun. So, make sure that the costumes are easy on or off. These must have long zippers or snaps. If you are on diaper changing or potty training, it’s an important factor to consider.



4- Costumes Should Be Safe
Your little angels have to walk well in their costumes, be visible or see well.


Aside from those factors, there are other things you should consider. For you choose the right costume, it would be easier if your little angel likes it too. You do not have to spend the whole year just to find the right Halloween Beanie Babies costume for your kids. If your kid likes a particular Beanie Babies character, it would be a good idea if you’ll use the same character as her or his costume.

If there are available Halloween Beanie Babies costumes online or in local stores, you can purchase anywhere. But, if your kid’s favorite character is so rare beanie baby, it is also a good idea to consider DIY or let someone make it for you. Just make sure that it will have the right fit so your cute little angel will experience nothing but comfort, fun, and enjoyment during Halloween. If you are still shopping around, search for some ideas online.


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