The 5 Top Must-Have Home Appliances

Technology is constantly evolving, and with that comes amazing home appliances. Tech-savvy home appliances make our lives easier. But what exactly does your home need? Will you use these gadgets, or are you just adding them to your cart because they seem cool?

To help you filter your shopping cart before checkout, we have a list of the absolute essentials when it comes to home appliances. These five products can make cooking a breeze, keep your home organized, or help with cleaning.

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1 Air Purifier

An air purifier, or purificateur d’air, is a fantastic appliance to sanitize the air. It uses filters to trap particles and pushes purified air into the room. This is perfect if anyone in your home has allergies or if pet dandruff tends to make its way around. An air purifier will pull those pollutants out and ensure your home has fresh clean air. Make sure to check out reviews of air purifiers to find the best one for your household size and environment. And don’t worry – air purifiers nowadays don’t have to be those loud, clunky machines taking up space your grandma’s bedroom. New purifiers can be compact with sleek designs while still doing a powerful job of cleaning up your air.

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2 Vacuum

Now when we say vacuum, we don’t mean the stiff, clunky vacuum that can’t fit into tight spaces and that you have to constantly unplug as you move from one room to the next. Vacuum technology has advanced way beyond those days of corded and bagged vacuums. Nowadays, robot vacuums are simplifying the cleaning process. These little home helpers use cameras to navigate from room to room and around obstacles. They can be set with timers to clean while you’re away at work – and so they won’t be tripping you up underfoot. If a robot vacuum is out of reach, we got you – you can also find numerous cordless vacuums nowadays. These plug into a wall to charge overnight, and when you’re ready to use, unplug, and away you go.

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3 Smart Devices

Yes, we consider smart devices to be essential home appliances. Whether you opt for a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, each device can plugin and help make just living easier. Each type of smart device has its unique capabilities, but each function as an assistant. Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to your favorite song with just a quick request? How about asking to hear the next step of the recipe read to you while you are elbow deep in the batter? How about a weather update while you pull on your shoes, or an overview of your day’s schedule while you rest in bed with a cup of coffee? These smart devices can do these tasks, and more!

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4 Smart Refrigerators

Say goodbye to the days of opening up your fridge to grab the milk and finding…nothing. Smart refrigerators are taking over the market and for a good reason. A smart refrigerator doesn’t just keep your food cool or deliver fresh filtered water. These appliances can alert you when you’re running low on specific groceries. You won’t have another breakfast with barely enough milk for your cereal ever again.

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5 Electric Bottle Opener

Have you ever reached for that bottle of wine only to realize you misplaced or broke your corkscrew opener? When fully charged, a cordless electric bottle opener can make an opening that wine a breeze. If you find yourself the source of entertainment for your friends, this appliance will wow them. When it comes to simplifying the little things, this appliance is a winner.

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