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5 Tips On Choosing The Suitable Front Door Mat Or Rug

There are many factors which could determine the type of the door mat which you are going to pick for your home. Coming in and out amount of traffic of your home is one of the elements which you should consider, also consider the purpose of picking a door mat whether it is for decoration purposes or for keeping the entrance clean. If you do not have a door mat or want  to select a new one, but do not know what is the tips to follow in choosing the suitable one; here we are going to handle this issue and show you 5 tips on choosing a front door mat or rug.

First, you have to set your budget before going to choose a front door mat, this will help you to limit the options and to save your money as well.

Second, you should examine the place where you are going to put the rug and decide if the rug should be decorative, homey or welcoming. You will need also to match the door mat to the exterior style and decor.

Third, look for the high traffic door mats and rugs if your home feels like a station. If you want a durable door mat, select mat which is made of polypropylene, it is a plastic door mat which looks clean and the dirt keeps trapped under the door mat until you clean it.

Fourth, the rubber door mat is used frequently by the elderly or small children as it creates a safe entry for both residents and guests and it is a great choice for areas which are prone to rain.

Fifth, the door mat with raised patterns is very good choice for muddy areas. It is also useful for areas which may get storms or ice snow.

Here are some images of front door mats and rugs from which you could choose the most suitable one for your home

Front Door Mat

Front Door Mat

cococozy front door black stripe striped doormat mat boxwood topiaries

bird door mat

door mat


contemporary doormats


front door

front door mats wonderful

Doormat Brown

front door with rug

Front Door Mat


New Doormat

Front Door Mat

Prep Home Welcome Mat

Painted Front Door Ideas with the rug

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