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5 Tips for Wearing Fur

Flip through any Fall or Winter issue of Vogue, Vanity Fair or other fashion magazine, and it should not take long to notice that fur is coming back in a big way. This past year saw a resurgence of fur (both faux and real) unlike anything the fashion world has seen in the last two decades. Even though fur will continue to be a hot topic of debate for obvious reasons, there is no way to deny that something significant is happening in the fashion world.

5-Tips-for-Wearing-Fur-675x450 5 Tips for Wearing Fur

Of course, like just about everything in the fashion world, it could just be a trend. But trendy or not, the last few months have shown some amazing examples of new and exciting ways to wear this classical look. Although real fur is a status symbol that is often reserved for high society, faux fur is available and affordable to any budget-conscious fashionista who wants to stand out from the crowd.

“More than anything, fur is a symbol of class and elegance,” says one expert from The Fur and Leather Centre.

With that being said, fur– faux or otherwise– is not like your favorite jacket or simple accessory that can easily be paired with any outfit. There are some guidelines and etiquette that should be noted if you are new to the world of fur fashion. Even though it is no longer reserved for the rich and snotty, that is no excuse to brazenly flout the basic rules of fashion.

Whether you are a long-term member of high fashion society or a relatively new member of the fur club, these few simple tips will help you get the most out of your furry look.

Choose-the-occasion-wisely-675x449 5 Tips for Wearing Fur

Choose the occasion wisely

Just as important as the outfit worn with your fur is the event to which you wear it. Even though it can be acceptable in some casual instances, fur coats are normally reserved for nice events. This could be a wedding, charity ball, gala, first date or other events which would require formal wear. Especially if you are new to fur, it is best to reserve the fur for the fancy evenings.

Be bold

Of course, you aren’t wearing fur because you want a safe look. Fur coats are best for nice events, but fur vests, jackets and accessories can be worn with casual attire. Whether it’s a night on the town or an everyday outfit, you are going to draw some eyes with your fur and should be prepared to be bold.

Mind your figure

Fur is known to make even the slightest figure look fluffy, so you should keep the rest of your outfit light. Your fur will provide plenty of warmth so you shouldn’t have a problem with wearing thin clothes underneath.

Keep it simple

Your fur is going to draw plenty of attention on its own, so don’t go overboard with an overly ambitious outfit underneath. Fur is best for the classical beauty look, and simplicity is the key to that.

Have fun!

No matter the occasion, you are sure to draw plenty of attention if you wear your fur-enhanced outfit properly. Enjoy the longing looks from the gentlemen and the jealous eyes of the ladies; this is your night.

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