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5 Main Bedroom Design Trends For 2018

Bedroom is the last room in your household that you might think about decorating or re-arranging because no one else sees it except you, and even you don’t frequently visit it like the rest of the house unless you are a lazy sloth or sleep like a koala. But, actually, this room should be taken care of as well, for at the end of the day you need to rest in a cozy place when you are too sleepy. Of course, it doesn’t really seem to matter what the room looks like when you are extremely tired, but here we are not exactly talking about the days when you want to throw yourself on the bed and fall asleep as soon as possible, but it is about the days you need to enjoy some privacy, in a place that seems like your own little world, either drinking your favored cup of coffee, or reading one of your favorite novels. Here, we provide you with a puddle of designs that you can check out and select the one that seems to unravel your own personality.

1 Joyful Rainbow Colors

This the easiest design you could ever come across; it doesn’t require spending a fortune on new furniture, or even re-arrangement. All you need is having ottoman covered with Suede in two different colors, as well as colored blankets, sheets or pillows. It is so simple and easy, and the best part is that it really makes the room look different and full of delighted colors.

2 Mirror, Mirror
Yes, we are totally aware that this is a movie title, but apparently, the pun works on that design. This one is about sticking several mirrors to the wall around the room. It might sound a bit weird, but if you are someone who totally take care of their appearance and loves grooming themselves, every once in a while, this design is going to totally work for you. Besides, the numerous reflections are going to boost your room’s decorations.

3 White & Your Favorite Color

If you have a favorite color, you can use it to style your room along with combining it with white. White always makes everything look brighter than they really are. It doesn’t matter if you use each color plainly on its own, or prefer using them blended in patterns; either ways they are going to look wonderful.

4 Matching Curtain & Rug
If you are not up to changing your room’s decoration dramatically, then you can just select a specific color for a rug, or a carpet, that matches this of a curtain, preferably plain. Make sure your selected color goes in harmony with the rest of your room’s tone.

5 Books Corner

Allowing for the bookworm that you are, in case you really are, pick a corner in your room, and purchase a small library or multiple shelves where your books can be seated on safely. It does not matter if your room is small or big, you can purchase a library that can hang on the wall as a mean for shrewd storage.